Being very sentimental

My oldest son would say I am having a strictly first world problem, and he is right, but for those of us who make cards, It is a problem!
What is the best way to store the hundreds of sentiments we accumulate?
sentiments and sayings that you purchase in singles,  and in sets. I have a great memory but there is now way I can keep track of what sentiments are in what set.

Last year I started to categorize them, today I finished.  it was really pretty simple and not too expensive. 20.00 for the binders and 20.00 for the stamp holders ( approx).
In the spring I sold one of my binders full of sentiments by category, get well, happy birthday thinking of you.  I sold the ones I wasn't using.  This left me with one full binder and a pile of ones I was using!  Before I finished packing I wanted to get this done, so that when I unpacked everything would be in order and easy to use;

Here is what I did: Using my stack cutter I cut 65lb cardstock for the pocket indexes:

Then I pulled verse and sentiment stamps:

I have all these sentiments embedded in sets, I can't remember which sets have what sentiments. I want all sentiments together, so I can find what I want quickly and not have to go on a  hunt because "I think I have" one somewhere.

I started pulling them apart , stamping an index and putting them in the pockets

Some sets I left together on the storage board and put them in a giant pocket

Some I put in individual pockets

Then they went into the binders and now live on my desk, right where I can reach them!

I am not sure how many are in these binders I would say at least 200.  I primarily do digital for my sentiments and I have those very organized and handy too.  You can't use it if you can't find it and I sure don't want to purchase something twice!

I have one last thing to tame in my craft room before I pack it up and I will show you tomorrow how I did that!

Organizing Bits!

Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Pamela Duncan said…
Always the organizer. Love it!

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