Things you do when you are in a holding pattern

I am such a nester, you ladies who have had children may remember that "nesting " stage in late pregnancy, well  mine never ended.  When I get stressed, I nest, when I am happy I nest, when I am board, I nest.  To me, there is just always room to improve things (nesting). I think I might be a little compulsive about keeping things in order (nesting). Maybe.
Since I am getting ready to move again, 2/3rds of the house is packed . I am looking forward to loading that truck , getting on the road and starting the next chapter. I am getting a little stir crazy.  In an effort to expedite the settling in of the new place I am trying to get everything ready here so that I can just  unpack, like a nest in a box, the box will open and the house will be ready.  I've got new curtains sewn,  paint picked out, furniture arranged (in my mind) for all the rooms.

My new craft room will be about 12x10, which will do me just fine.  I've really purged through my crafting supplies and feel like this will be a pretty easy transition.  I don't just craft for fun, I craft for work and I have an outreach ministry.  So this room is very important to me.  It is important not because of looks and stuff, but because of what I can do from it
I've started my new color scheme, sewn curtains and created my planner for 2017  Here are my colors:

I've got this in a 10x12 frame.

I have this in a black and gold frame

My work  table has black legs and a beautiful wood top that we will put a piece of plexi on, it is 42x60 so I will have a great work surface.
It would seem everything I have for storage is a different color, So I contemplated painting a few things. I wasn't sure if I should do everything in black or white  or what. 

So I went to the store without a firm plan:

I thought about turquoise and black , but then I thought what a disaster it could end up and I might get really sick of it. 

My marker Cubbies are white and are made really well, I really didn't want to ruin them.  So I put the turquoise back and picked and ivory that matched the ivory color in the planner I recovered - one of the four colors in the color scheme.  I'll let my owl paint brush holder be the turquoise pop on my desk.  I took the safe route.
And glad I did!
Spray painting on a windy south Texas day meant this was done in two hours.

First, it all had to be emptied, which meant , pens and ink pads everywhere.  But that is okay, If  I waited to do this in NY, I would have had to wait until spring to do it outside.  You can see the packing evidence everywhere! Yuck!

Sprayed and dried in two hours,
loading everything back up, I bought this piece at a tag sale for $2.00, it is pine.

Steve bought me these about 4 years ago before the company went off the grid.  Love these they really keep things in order.  They were called Craft Cubbies.

This piece I picked up in a thrift store and it is perfect for holding my water colors, H2O's, chalks and pastels - so all my coloring tools can sit on top of my desk.

The planner

So glad I went with the ivory!  My desktop now on a temporary mini table.

For $3.98 and a couple hours of time, you can't beat it!
Thanks for stopping by and hope you find time today to create!!

Ginny M


How fabulous your room will look when it is all organised - it looks pretty impressive as it is here!! I am amazed at the amount of supplies you have - no wonder you have to be organised!
Ah neutral shade was good choice Ginny, my room too is multi coloured but since it's black and timber they go together so that's good, all freebies, only bought two lots of shelving, rest were cast offs.
Your new room would look great love the colours, nice freebie painting too.
Thanks for sharing,
Shaz in Oz.x

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}
Looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. Hebrews 12:2
Tara said…
Turned out beautifully!
Shoshi said…
Ginny, I love what you are doing with your studio! It all looks so organised, and also so colourful - really inviting. Well done! Thank you for your lovely comment and I'm sorry to be so long acknowledging it but I've been alternately extremely busy and then poorly as a result, so am way behind with everything. Thank you for your very kind and encouraging words and I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing the visuals I've been doing for the Bible study - I should have some more to post tomorrow if I get time! I see you've got the same daily Bible verse on your blog that I have got. Always an encouragement, isn't it.

Hope you've had a good week! A very belated happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #42

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