Spectrum Noir Marker storage

If you have the full set of Spectrum Noir Alcohol markers and the storage trays that are made for them, you know getting them in order is a pain!  I googled "How to arrange Spectrum Noir Markers" and came up with info that was not very helpful.   18 months ago I decided I wanted to figure this out and document it and then blog about it.  Today was the day to get it done.  Now if anyone else wants to find a away to arrange them they can google and find this post.

I love the SN pens - I would most likely love copics too, but they are too pricey for me.  I have found using colored pencils and the SN markers I have as much color variation as I can handle.

I started this project now so that I would have this done and ready to go before I move.

I began by coloring in the blank template provided by Crafters Companion - the colored one is not accurate enough.  It would make sense to me that CC would create a chart that actualy fit their storage system,  it does not in any way.   I decided to do some chart modification keeping the storage tray in the portrait position.

I  the chart at the 12 slot mark

I colored in all the little pentagons, loading the markers in the tray as I colored, trying to make this not only a color reference but a color key as well. 

I rebult the chart on a black sheet of paper

This worked out pretty well as far as keeping things in color order.   My set does not have PP1.  I subsitute  using FS8.  One of these days I will get the PP1.  If you buy a complete set from CC check it out right away, it is often missing the PP1, I know I sold them!

Here is the key after I finished coloring

I sealed it using  Lineco glue - Lineco is a  a PVC  adhesive used primarily for book making and in my craft room projects!
 apply and then even smear

Here is the tray loaded up

The finished chart sealed and mounted on mat board - you can use this a set up reference:

I wasn't sure if I would like the out come of the order of the color, I did my first color chart 3 years ago when I had the first generation markers and I did it in the order CC printed it out in. The colors and quality of the pen have improved since then, coloring with second generation every pen has helped me to realize just how much it has improved! 

I also taped the sided and added a "roof"  made out of mat board and washi:

 The roof give me a little more storage space and the tape will keep it all together.  When I move , I will wrap this unit up in saran, put it in a box.  When we arrive in our new home I can just pop it out of the box and it will be ready to use it.
This took me about 3 hours to do wth a bunch of interuptions, so not very time consuming.

I hope you find this helpful, thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M

Oh here is something fun to color!
I love this image!


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