Another storm , Kanji, the seducer and paper weight

The East coast is being hit today by another storm, this one is  Northeaster.   Out side it is snowing, with a whipping wind.  In here it is warm, the power is still on and the light burning bright!   
A couple of quick projects today,

I love my word stamps!  These are called Kanji.  Asian characters for Words.  I belong to a group called  Oriental Stamp Art So I get to use these a lot!  I'm beginning to have quite a collection and I am running out of space. What I decided to do was to unmount my Kanji stamps  and then work on the rest of my oriental collection and store them here.

Using this tower and hub-less CD cases I can store hundreds of stamps in a square foot size space!  I do love my beautiful wood mounts, but I'm going to have to make a choice here, and I think I am going to have to go the smaller storage option rather than the display method.  Funny thing about "stuff" It can start to own us and I don't want that to happen, I want to use these things and be a blessing to others , of course in the process I get to have a great deal of fun!!

                                        These are the most important Words to me:

This beautiful Book mark was made by Veronique, a fellow OSA member, she is from Australia and is being so wonderfully kind to me to make two more for my study system!  Isn't is beautiful?

I made 8 of these cards tonight, two are already in thier envelopes:  these were made for some of my Christian friends who are scratching their heads after this election:  I'm not slamming anyone or any party, what I am saying we are living in crazy times and anyone with any sense of morality would have to be concerned, and if morality isn't a concern than being 16+ trillion dollars in debt and factoring a repayment plan,  would at least make you wonder!  Any ways here are the cards,   they are on 140 cold press smooth paper bases, the embossed panel is a lovely soft something I had in my stash, feel like 90lb weight, probably a mixed media paper.

These are my new favorite size 6.5x5 inches, I am using an A7 envelope for a nice fit.  These came out a little heavy at 1.5 oz. 

Factoring the weights of paper and the embellishments are important especially when they are going overseas.  For me to send this card to France the cost will be 1.30.  I think that is a great price to get something over to France.  Overseas postage stays reasonable until you get to the LB stage and then it goes up to about 10.00 an LB.

The other thing about paper weights is that you don't want a floppy card!  You go through all the steps to create a mini work of art, you want it to have some substance while the person is holding it.  Some of the embellishment can be heavy too, They require support.   I would recommend using  an 80lb base wait as the minimum and up to 130-140.  my favorite is 100lb and I am referring to "cover weight".  Lesser weight papers are also less expensive and they are what you want for layering.

I was asked to post another mini bible study from proverbs, I read proverbs every day. I start my day with the proverb chapter that coincideds with the date.  I started this day out on the 7th and I think it is the 8th now!  Here is the study:

Proverbs 7
Keep - my commandments!
1My son, pay attention to my words. Treasure my commands that are within you.
Live - with them as the balances of your thinking!
2Obey my commands so that you may live. Follow my teachings just as you protect the pupil of your eye.
  Bind - in the works of your hands!
3Tie them on your fingers. Write them on the tablet of your heart.
 Speak - claim them as your relatives!4
Say to wisdom, "You are my sister." Give the name "my relative" to understanding
Guard - the commandments will guard you from all the seductions of this world and bring you closer to the God who Truely loves you! 
5in order to guard yourself from an adulterous woman, from a loose woman with her smooth talk. 6From a window in my house I looked through my screen.
7I was looking at gullible people when I saw a young man without much sense among youths.
  8He was crossing a street near her corner and walking toward her house
9in the twilight, in the evening, in the dark hours of the night.
  10A woman with an ulterior motive meets him. She is dressed as a prostitute.
11She is loud and rebellious. Her feet will not stay at home.
12One moment she is out on the street, the next she is at the curb, on the prowl at every corner. 13She grabs him and kisses him and brazenly says to him,
14"I have some sacrificial meat. Today I kept my vows.
15That's why I came to meet you. Eagerly, I looked for you, and I've found you.
Sin will alwyas look for us in what ever form that it can

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoyed your visit!  God Bless and have an awesome day!!


Tamika said…
Beautiful stamps sets,Bible bookmark and cards!!!!
Hullo Ginny.
I have linked voe to your blog on today's post to thank you for joining my wonderful encouragers ...
...and love this post and the one above - wow what cards ... great verse too!!

... and kind of agree with storage!

... however on view means you get to chose to use them as hidden away as mine are means I dont use them as I would,
love Shaz in oz.x

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