AAhhh Monday!

I love Mondays!  A whole new week, like a giant present waiting to be opened!! 
I discovered something last night, which has to do with me liking my coffee sweet!
 I love coffee, hot, iced, in ice cream, cakes, pudding, milk, candy- I just love coffee and I have since I was three when tasted my father's coffee ice cream cone while we were at Cap Cod vacationing.

I don't like white sugar, to me it tastes terrible, flat and like the minute it goes into my body it will start destroying gray matter and cause me all manner of harm.  So I like   natural un -processed sugar in my coffee, it just gives it a whole new flavor, warmer and smoother.  I ran out of the dark sweet stuff, no real maple syrup in the house or agave.  Nada, just yukky white sugar, that has been up in the cabinet for who knows how long.  So I tossed a teaspoon into the cup and added a little natural molasses, wow was that good!!   So I said all that to say this, try a little molasses in your coffee, It is really , really yum!!
Nothin' like a good bowl of Coffee!!!!
Today is the Friends of Speedy TV Monday Challenge!  Go here  for the challenge: http://mfpspeedytv.ning.com/page/fostv-challenge
If you enter and win you will receive a free set of stamps!!  How fun is that?
Today theme is Summer Fun
here is my DT card from the set "Get Reel"
I did this with masking and Tim Holtz distress inks, This is a really fun set and the stamps stamp up beautifully.  Here is the set:
I encourage you to stop over at the challenge, have a little creative fun and enter your card!

I hope you have an awesome day!
Ginny M


Janine said…
Loved your coffee story even though I only drink coffee when we visit USA or occasionally after a restaurant meal. I like what you did with the set - can feel the calm of that setting sun!

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