Just a quick CAS project!

I made these tonight, something clean and simple, these will be for welcome cards to church visitors, first batch is 24.  They are made on solar white papers, I love solar white!!

Having a lighting issue, which wasn't going to get taken care of at 1am!

Those strange lines of color are from the camera...
The butterfly has a coat of sparkly light green nail polish over the purple and blue wings.
The background scripture is from Eccl. 3
A time and a season for every purpose.

I hope you are having a great weekend, Thanks for stopping by!!
Ginny M


Did you hand write the Ecclesiastes 3 image, Ginny?? or it a digi image/ or stamp??

So very nice indeedy, dear sis!!
Well done... and thanks for email to say the card was posted on the way already much appreciated...hugs, Shaz.xxx
Myrna said…
Beautiful cards !!!
My question is the same as Shaz......is that a stamp or handwritten Ecclesiastes?
Jan Castle said…
Beautiful card...look for your answer to the hand done versus digital on your background...
Paper Hugs,
Janine said…
Very nice cards.

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