The Fast continues Whack a stack results.

Today is day 10, 50 more to go.  I thought I was doing really very well until I went out to breakfast with my friend Betty.  Betty is my pastors wife and one of my best friends. I see her at least four times a week  but finding a time to chat is almost impossible.  Today we went out and we were very busy solving all of the worlds problems.  I had mentioned a project I wanted to take on and she was all for it which lead to some discussion on my craft spending fast.  Well I wasn't discussing, I was whining and then she just had to mention a big sale going on at Michael's.  The next thing out of my mouth was "so since it was my birthday last month, how about you go there and by me a trunk full of paper?   Can it really only be 10 days??  Can it really be 50 more to go?  The next thing I said was if you buy me something today I will pay you back in 51 days, I can post date a check, I can wash your car, I'll mow too!!  Pathetic.

Any Way the paper project, since I can't buy any more I am having fun discovering what I forgot I have!
Because my wonderful craft room is on the small size I use every inch of it especially the walls, all of them are lined with shelves.  The most narrow of them on one end of room is only about 5 feet wide and that is where I store my printed papers. I like to keep my craft room supplies organized by purpose, that way I know where everything is and can put my fingers right on the needed items. 
In this instance it is the printed paper, solids are on another wall, ready to go card bases are in drawers.
Here is an overview of the whack a stack saga:
First I glued the opposite glued edge, so now the top and bottom are glued.  I used Alenes' tacky glue with a brush.  The glue takes about 3 hours to set up completely.  By having both ends glued, it is much easier to cut.
This picture is showing the new top glued together of what is now a 6x6 pad

This is my stack cutter, it has a 12 inch  blade throat, I can cut the pad in one chop. I cut it in half horizontally first and the I cut the two pieces vertically, giving me 4 pads from the original one.

This is about half the pads.  The next task was to organize them.   I placed all my 6x6 pads that were purchased  into about one pile (less than 12 of these).  Next from each pads set (the 4 from the original 12x12) I took one pad and set the other three in one pile and the one in another pile. Lastly I separated them by color - white bases went in one pile and ivory bases went in another pile. I am referring to the base of the pad colors, they are usually printed in cool tones (white) or warm tones (ivory).  This makes a difference when selecting the card bases.
Next all the store bought 6x6's went into one bin because there were no duplicates.  Next the new chopped 6x6's , one bin of the warm tones and one bin of the cool tones.  The remaining 3 of each set went into bins on a higher shelf ready to come down when I run out of the lower 1.
And here it is:
This wall is only about 5 feet wide, oops missing a bin on the second shelf!
I have my sold , G45 and fancy papers in the three drawer bin, I'm not going to cut those papers up.
On the top shelf there I have a2 card bases for OWH ready to go, received cards and 9 containers of embossing powders.  Fortunately I am 5'7 so I can reach everything!!  These bins now contain about 75  12x12 stacks, all of them are movable and I can uses them on my desk.
This is my wall section of my wood stamps.  I un-mounted most of them and they are in the drawers underneath , I'll  show a picture of that storage another time.
My husband had the wonderful idea of lining the room with shelves and it has worked perfectly!
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!
Ginny M


Anne said…
Oh Ginny my heart bleeds for you but you also make me laugh! You will survive this! I promise! Think of all those hidden treasures you will use, the spaces on your shelves you will crete....and the day you can have fun filling them up again! Loving your craft studio! TFS!
Jan Castle said…
Kudos to you...great organization! Nice, neat, and no need to shop - LOL!
Paper Hugs,

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