Anouncement , Art of the Word an interesting video and a FAST challenge

Hi everyone, it is 8:30 am and climbing up to the 90's! To say the least I am very happy to have air conditioning!  I've been home as much as possible all week, working on staying cool! I know this heat wave is nation and world wide!!

I have some very exciting news!  I will now serve as a design team member for the "Twist of Faith Card Challenge group!!

The blog is here: It is another opportunity to reach out through card making, I love these groups with Eternal Purpose!!

I will be designing and posting for them, stay tuned!!!

Yesterday was word art Wednsday, you can go here to check this wonderful blog out:

This is the verse for the week: 
My card for this challenge:
I love this image, the woman's' bent over position causes me to feel her labor. Now her vessel is full and so will her joy be full.  These is nothing quite so precious as something that is hard to find.  Happiness in this day and age is in short supply.  Joy and Salvation are free and plentiful just waiting to be drawn from, you just have to get the directions to the well that never runs dry.  The directions and the well are all in the Bible!
Yesterday on Oriental Stamp Arts (yahoo group) There was a interesting video posted;
I would like to post the picture that goes with it but I am not sure how to embed this video on my blog.  When I saw this posted for the group I decided to play it the title was intriguing:
Scrapbook Hoarder revisited
Don't be put off when she say "what the heck" she is delightful!
Now the gal on the video, you have to love her, she speaks well she is dressed nicely, her room is organized and she is very much a middle age beauty .
Ands What she says is so true!  Gulp!!!
I don't scrapbook per say, I am a card maker/ graphic /calligraphy artist person.
and I have everything in every color.
I am very thankful to have all these wonderful art supplies - don't get me wrong - But I want what I do to be the focus and not what I have.
Marketing creates a appetite and can ruin good stewardship.
Stewardship isn't just about money, it is about priorities and action too.
So ( and Oh Lord please don't let my dear husband read todays blog) I have decided to put my self on a no craft spend challenge for six weeks.  Till September 1st -45 days.
It is a spend 'fast'!!
Can I do it?   Could YOU do it?
I can't think physically this could be to hard, I have so much stuff.  But a true addict never has enough.  The gal in the video say " I am a scapaholic"  and it is amusing, except I don't want to have an addiction to anything. I don't think I do, but no addict ever thinks they are!
Are YOU?
I want my life to always have focus and purpose, and even the most innate things can steel from that if we allow it too.
So day one is here, along with about 10 craft store 50%off coupons in my in box. Sigh
I hope you have an awesome day and I encourage you to watch the video and perhaps  challenge your self  to a no spend!!
Ginny M


Jan Castle said…
GULP is right Ginny!!!!! I am not ready to take that challenge as my focus right now is getting some weight off (knee replacement in the near future) thing at a time for me.
Will be keeping you in prayer.
Paper Hugs,
Ginny: I just prayed for you as I stopped by to visit. I pray that God will work in your life, and that you will give Him ALL THE PRAISE as He meets your needs. He is always in control - praise His name! Thanks so much for sharing your art with us, and I also prayed that God will bless you for sharing with us.
Have a great week!
Word Art Wednesday
I am glad I didn't read this blog post this morning before I sent in my order to SU. I have been on a spending fast but I ran out of my favorite glue dots.
Your card depicts the verse perfectly. I love what you have done.
Thank you so much for taking time out your day to post all your beautiful paper craft projects, pages and cards with us again this week, at “Word Art Wednesday.
Carole Robb Bisson
Word Art Wednesday
Cindy said…
Hi Ginnie!

I'm also a friend on OSA:) I have just subscribed to your blog! I love your work and didn't know you had a blog! Here's mine:
On your topic, I have been on a spending diet for a few months now. When I do purchase something, it is adhesives, or small tools that I really to need for a project. I have so much supplies, that I decided a while ago that I needed to focus on what I have! Good luck on your personal challenge! Hugs!
Janine said…
Since I have been out of work I have been ignoring loads of discounts, new products etc.etc. It is tough but good discipline!

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