WOYWW #217 and Today I am the guest

It is WOYWW#217!  This world wide blog hop of crafters desks!  Go here to our lovely Host's Blog :   http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/2013/07/whats-on-your-workdesk-wednesday-217.html
and start the hop!!  and may I suggest you actually Read Julia's blog, she is so funny and down to earth, as well as informative!

Not much on my desk this morning- it is actually Weds morning here, I didn't write todays' post early.  I was having to much fun last night!!  Dinner, A birthday celebration with three of my Life long friends.  Those are such sweet times in the busyness of every day life!!

Here is my desk:

It will be busy in a little while!  That binder is my DT schedule for four teams and today and tomorrow I am going to get the month of Augusts requirements done.   See that cart under the desk, that is my Genesis Cutter.  I took all the bins out of that unit, they were those  multi color sliding drawers.  I took them out because they continually slid off there holder and collapsed to the next drawer below or to the floor.  Such a pain!!  But having the cutter available under the desk was so helpful .

It gave me a lot more room to work and this machine cuts so perfectly, I really like to have it at my side.

Today I am the guest designer over at Word Art Wednesday! I love Word Art Wednesday, I love What they are doing, How they are doing it and Why they are doing it!!  Go here: http://wordartwednesday.blogspot.com/  read about this Blog with a mission and then join in the fun!!

The Scripture today provided by Karen Murray  http://www.papercraftmemories.com/

Here is my Guest designer card:
It is so wonderful think that the Great Creator, The Almighty God, The Redeemer of all Men loves us so much that he will  also be our Help.
If you don't Know The Lord in this capacity, I invite you to start reading the Love letter he wrote to Mankind, we call it the Bible!  Start with the Gospel of Saint John, it begins with the beginning!
I'm off to my busy day, I'm now at 47 more days to go in my no craft spending fast,  my micro pen just dried up!!So instead of running to the store and picking 5 more up I am going to try to add a drop of alcohol ink to it.
And Since I am doing so well at disciplining myself in the spending department, I'm going back to the gym this week!  UGH! I am so out of shape and summer is hard on my because of a circulatory problem in my legs, but I have to do it.  I got totally off track taking care of my husband and my mother last summer .  So time to get back at it while I still can.
I started running at the age of 48,   my husband really got me motivated and I started one telephone pole at a time. He ran with me and  I worked through Asthma,  vein issues, bladder issues, blood sugar issues and after a year of sticking to it I could run 5 miles at a time and I did that 3 times a week for about 2 years.  It took me a year to get there and I'd like to get back.  It all starts with the first step. Actually  EVERYTHING starts with the first step doesn't it!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!!
Ginny M


beautiful card you made! and you are sooo organized with your dt list!
Wow! love your organization and craft goodies. What a blessing to read your Blog and see what God is doing. Beautiful card...thank you for sharing and being a blessing. Your Design Teamie at Twist of Faith.
Jan Castle said…
Beautiful card Ginny...isn't that a great stamp!!! Trying to take off some pounds prep. for knee replacement surgery (bone on bone now)so this is my focus at the moment...stopped drinking a daily soda and slowly cutting back on meat, cheese, dairy ---onward and forward to more of a plant based diet. Would love to be able to get off so many meds too!!!
Paper Hugs,
Hi Ginny! Thanks SO MUCH for filling in this week as a Guest Designer. We're so blessed to have you with us, and hope that you're enjoying it as well. Everyone loved your card and I really appreciate your efforts. I just updated the link (I'm kinda bad about that).

I also wanted to let you know about a blog hop taking part this weekend to celebrate the 1st Birthday of Paper Sweeties. There's an amazing prize up for grabs and I'd love to have you hop along with us. You can either stop by my blog:
www.karen-mycuprunnethover.blogspot.com or the Paper Sweeties Blog:
www.papersweeties.com to get the info to start hopping.

Thanks again for blessing us with your talents this week.
Word Art Wednesday
Robyn Oliver said…
So organised Ginny and a busy lady too. I can relate to the paper trays problem happens here too - should be someway to fix it though. Talking of first steps - yep need to lose weight and I've just started back walking - now to keep at it. Have a great day RobynO
Roberta B said…
Hello. Well Im Roberta aka Bert #122. And Im new and very slow at this. I seem to get lost in all the goodies in every one sites.. just wanted to say thank you for sharing and letting me peak. Have a lovely day. Bert
oh and I so want all your pens! ;-)

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