A few fun things I didn't make!!

What a great mail day yesterday!
I received cards and goodies!
From Margo I received this beautiful butterfly thank you card  - so elegant in cream, charcoal, purple and green! Margo hails from Washington and is a fellow Oriental Stamp Arts member!
Thank you Margo!!

 From Mary Redford in Indiana, Mary is also an OSA member,  This Beautiful thank you card in vibrant Yellows and Oranges, Thank you Mary the card is a beauty!!

From Rosemary (another OSA member) I received this whopping stash of Washi!  She sent me this because I sent her a few bird images!
I can't wait till rosemary needs something else!
Thank you Rosemary this was such a lovely generous gift!!
Washi is a beautiful paper made from rice and is highly prized in Asian Art.
I made this card for my Niece last night:
Don't you just love Happy Mail!
Thanks for stopping by!!
Ginny M


I do love happy mail.... and wow what a beautiful bounty of washi, Ginny! how superb.... and isn't it funny the two lovely cards were butterfly ones !! lv Shaz in Oz.xxxx
Hi Ginny! You've got to love getting handmade cards and goodies in the mail. Beats the bills any day. Have a great weekend! Happy Saturday.
Anne said…
What beautiful cards! They are gorgeous! The washi paper is wonderful,just so lovely to use! I LOVE how you used some on your card too, very inspirational and a beautiful card!
Jan Castle said…
Lovely cards
Ginny - OSA ladies do such gorgeous cards. Your windfall makes me so happy...Ohhhhhh, I can see all kinds of cool cards coming from Rosemary's gift of washi paper to you!!!! YUM!
Wowwwww I am a fan of washi paper Ginny,,,,,,lov be it, love it , love it.

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