Not to much crafting ths weekend

Here at Maxam Made, the kitchen project continues and is coming out beautifully! This morning I put my dishes away in my beautiful remade cup boards!  3 weeks before Christmas Steve and I were in home depot pricing cabinets.  We were thinking about rehabbing our little kitchen, make it nicer while we are here and improve it  to help sell the house.  A nice college student came up to us and asked if we'd like someone to come out and give us an estimate on having Home Depot rehab our kitchen.  We said sure.  Long story short a very skilled salesman came out and tried so very hard to convince us we needed to spend almost 9,000.00 on our 10x 13 kitchen to REFACE our old cabinets - no floor - no counter tops - JUST new doors and facing on the old cabinets.  Come on now, we priced new cabinets and counter tops for less than 3,000.00 while we were in HD.  So Steve has painted the kitchen a pale, pale yellow (it was a darker shade of yellow)  built a ceiling to floor cup board that looks like a piece of furniture; he has redone our cabinets INSDE and OUT, New hardware, and will put in new counters, for less than 600.00.  This little kitchen is a very usable and sweet space, Steve has made every inch conducive to my cooking adventures  and I am thankful for that as I do love to cook !
I'll post pictures when we've finished.
I did get a few "use it up" cards done this weekend and I will be using them for an upcoming swap:
This is for a "Spring Shower" swap it is 5x7
This is for an "anything B" swap - Bird of Paradise stamp - 4.5x6.5 size
This card I love and will have to try to make more, for a "St Patricks Day" swap  5.5x6.5
Then in the process of
shuffling a few things around, I found this stack of paper Cut and ready to use on A6 Cards:
There are at least 60 pieces here of very nice DP/cardstock weight.  Oh boy sometimes I feel like I will never get to the bottom of the "use it up bin"!  One thing I have learned: not to do  project parts "to use later"!!
My total now is 122 cards made from scraps and stash.    I'm keeping a tally of my cards made for the year in my side bar.  So far for January, including the Use it up card I'm at 381.  This week I need to get a bunch of birthday cards made and think about reopening my little card shop.
Well I'm back to my kitchen work and happy to be doing that!
Anybody else trying to use up their stash and leftovers?
Thanks you for stopping by and have a great Day!
Ginny M


Hi Ginny, I'm really quite curious as to how the kitchen is coming out. You'll have to post some pictures of the remodel for us to see!
Jan Castle said…
Using up scraps isn't to hard for me as I give them to a lady at church, Carol, to make cards and repurpose others and then send to shut-ins, etc. Now, cutting out pieces to use at a later date is another story altogether....they are actually out of sight, out of mind - except - you just reminded me. Oh well, another project to do or add to my 'give to Carol' bag - LOL!
TFS Ginny,
Anne said…
Stunning and beautiful cards! I am always amazed at the speed you make your cards let alone the designs, concepts etc. Wow you have talent! If ever Steve wants to try and refurbish anymore cupboards, you have my address.....!!!! Do show us the 'after' photos!

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