Quick card

My wonderful friend Jane posted on Facebook today and that post  inspired me to make this card. The mail man had pulled his little truck up to the corner so that meant I had 18 minutes to get the card made and in the mail!  Jane lives close enough  to get the card tomorrow and She'll be surprised as she doesn't read my blog too often.
The card base was ready and I grabbed the back ground paper from a (another one!!) pile that I found earlier this week.  I digitized the  sentiment and printed cut and GLUED!  Any one interested in learning how to digitized sentiments?  It is really very simple if you know how to use word and have powerpoint.  I have power point but no clue how to use it.  I've been wanting to digitized sentiments for ever and was whining about it when for the millionth time Steve told it could be done in power point.  Really, he's been telling me forever to try it, but I was so intimidated by the program!  All I can say is duh on me, so simple!! 
I need to digitized this sentiment:
Here's the  card  5x7 on 110# card base  ivory Strathmore
The background paper is from one of my chopped  12x12 stacks. I found this set buried behind some half made cards. Chopping those stacks has been a great asset in my card making, I do it all the time now.  I will leave some future stacks  in 12x6 size.
Nice sentiment too!!
Thanks for stopping by I hope your day is going well!
Ginny M


Jan said…
Great card...You truly are a whiz!!! Your 18 minutes would be 1 1/2 hours for me....I think you need to come to my house and give me lessons - LOL!

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