Being Still

Being still is a very good thing to due when you have the flu! I'm feeling better but not better enough!  Today I  can't seem to look at anything very long with out my eye balls feeling like the are crossing over each other! 

I need to get some beautiful images colored for NiceCrane designs but I can' t focus long enough to do it right, so it is going to have to wait till tomorrow.  Ignacio did a new sheet of spring themed art "A child's garden of verses" I love the girl with the watering can!! What beautiful spring and summer cards these images will make!!

I did get a simple card done for National Jewel day  challenge:

I love this verse, it says so much with so few words.
I hope you all have a great day and thank you for stopping by!
Ginny M 


Jan Castle said…
Sounds like you are on the least a little...will keep praying for your full recovery - and quickly!!! Your card is lovely Ginny!
Hugs and prayers,

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