What charges your battery and a freebie

Today was a fun day.  Steve finally had a day off after 13 work days.  He got up before I did and I had the thought of what could I do to make his day great? My husband treats me like a queen and always lets me know how loved I am, he fills my "love bank" every day in so many ways! I wanted to do something that would let him know how much I appreciate him.  Well that was the plan, but not how it worked out!  We went out for a wonderful brunch at a Russian tea house, the food was sooo good!  After  we went to a craft store where Steve picked these our for me:

Are these cool or what?  The round spellbinder was 10.00 the keys were 14.99 but I had a 1/2 off coupon.
So I was spoiled again!

After two more craft stores we came home and yes there were more purchases! We needed to get the dog out..

I took Luke out for his walk and Steve enjoyed some downtime in a nice quiet house!  Yesterday I fell on the ice AGAIN, today I fared better!  Good thing I am so sturdy, and better thing the spring should be here soon!

I made a nice healthy dinner and we went out again, big night out: Barnes and Noble with Starbucks!
I purchased this :
I know these kids look scary , but what an exciting magazine!!
Loooonnng time ago I spent a lot of hours in a dark room and while trying not to have an asthma attack triggered by Stop Bath fumes, I learned some really cool darkroom tricks, this brought back some of those memories and from the Photography stand point was very enjoyable.
Also very exciting were all the freebies in this magazine and exciting techniques I hope to be incorporating into my card making and journals/books!!
Part of the whole purpose of this post is to as you a question, I have been thinking about this question all day, Steve and I talked about it at breakfast. The Question comes from this statement that TLCCreations put up as a freebie a couple weeks ago (please go over to the site, there are lots of free great digitals)
The question is what charges your battery?
I found I have a list of things and they all almost involve learning, discovering and doing.
Next question after you have thought about the answer(s).
Are you charging your battery?
I hope so, it is so important that we take care of ourselves!
I challenge you to think about what it is that recharges you and your pursuit of that charge!
I'd love to hear some of your rechargers!!
Have a great weekend!
Ginny M


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