WOYWW# 248

I'm back after a brief break from blogging.  We've finished the kitchen remodel and LOVE it!  I'm also glad to have everything back in place and not all over the first floor of the house!  I've got a new stove, and hopefully will not drop a pot through this one!
But Today is the Day of Miss Julia's world Wide Desk hop starting here at Julia's Blog!  This is a crafty tours of desk tops all over the world!!  Here's my desk top today:
I purchased a new binding machine last week and I am thrilled with it!  Awful picture, sorry about that!
I've had 2 zutter bind it all machines and they were both terrible.  This Cinch machine was so easy to use and punched so perfectly I made a dozen or so journals the first day I had it!!
I made this journal to record listings of supplies.  So that I don't make duplicate purchases.  There is no way I am going to remember every ink pad and marker I have.  I used a snowy day to make the journal and then start recording what I have.
Another new toy
I am so tired of burning my finger tips with a hot drippy glue gun that I went on a search for a new one.  I stood in hobby lobby for half an hour reading all the glue gun descriptions, very exciting.  This is as close as I could  get to what I wanted: A cord less mini with a needle nose. 
The whole reason for the new binder and gun  started with these journals that I made for Christmas gifts.  I had so many people requesting I make them a journal I had to come up with a better binding than ribbons.
So Now I have this as an option:
I'm not one for bows and lace, but this is a gift and I think my friend will love this!
While I haven't been blogging in the last week, I have been working away in my craft room!   I've got a selling page back up for card making supplies and I have been busy getting ready to sell on several on line sights.  Cutting and photographing, funny how simple some things are but take so much time to do!!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have an awesome day!!
Ginny M


Hi Ginny, glad to hear you are having so much fun with your new toys and your new kitchen!! Can't wait to see that either. I'm sure you really like the new book binder, but I do have to say, I like the ribbon look too! Happy WOYWW!
Kate Hadfield said…
Wow, so much inspiration here! I love love LOVE the idea of a supplies notebook (especially one that you made yourself!) - I could really do with something similar to keep track of everything when I'm out shopping!
Happy WOYWW!
Kate #86
Davi said…
Beautiful new album Ginny!! Awesome to be able to get the binding machine. I can imagine how much nicer than using ribbons, its always a pain to try to get them thru and they never lay flat!
Jan Castle said…
Looking forward to seeing you 'new' kitchen pics!!! Your recent tool purchases look awesome!
Keeping track of your ink pads, etc. is such so important - nothing worse than purchasing so etching you already have!!!! I keep track of mine on separate Excel sheets and also keep these lists on my smart phone so I always have the various extensive lists with me when shopping....works like a charm! I keep the lists on my PC in Excel, then send an e-mail to myself with the 'Inks' Excel sheet as an attachment. Then open it in 'Numbers' on my I-pad and/or I-Phone.
glitterandglue said…
Those journals are beautiful - what a lovely way to record what Father God says each day. Fantastic new toy to do all the binding.
Can we be nosey and see the new kitchen?? Hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying MY new3 kitchen!!
Have a great week.
Margaret #13

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