Printing on Vellum Technique

I'm feeling a little bit better today and decided to make my cards for the March OSA Koi Swap.  Last Week I asked my friend Ignacio the owner and graphic designer at Nicecrane if he had a Koi images, When he replied to me it was "I do now"!  He had worked up a new set of Japanese Koi digital stamps! This gave me 5 images to choose from !
When I do these swap I always try to make my cards unique, we all do , that is half the fun of it!  Two months ago I did another Koi swap and I wanted this one to look very different from the last one, but I loved the technique so I did want to repeat that!
This was January's card:
                                        Koi on Vellum over a Nicecrane texture image
For this months card
I did another  vellum printing overlay  - very simple but very beautiful!  The key with this is having an excellent graphic to print out, these Koi are perfect  for this technique!
I printed out on 29# vellum.  You can see the detail on the vellum here, One thing to remember when printing on vellum: It takes a little longer for the paper to dry.  The vellum surface is very dry and it takes a bit longer for the ink to set in the paper.
I then printed two "texture images" from Nicecranes' Beautiful Japanese Texture background set.
you can see where I was running out of ink on the print on the left - that's okay, it looked lovely!
I Used a little ATG tape to adhere the layers together and a coat of this shimmery nail polish to give the scale a wet look 
You can see how beautiful the background looks under the fish!  I added a little distress inks to the edges for a little more depth.
I die cut an oval in my card stock and added some embellishments
Here are the finished cards!
I also used several of the Koi images printed on regular paper to make into ATC for another time, they print up beautiful on regular paper!!
I hope you give this overlay technique a try sometime it is really beautiful and not time or supply intensive!!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!
Ginny M

Japanese texture backgrounds


Wowww, woww,woww,,, Ginny,,,I am falling in lovw with thechnique and all over the way youused my Koi image,,,,,love your background and the efect aplying snail
Jan Castle said…
Lovely card Ginny, and the technique is wonderful!
Happy to hear you are feeling better!!!

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