Oriental Stamp Arts Crane Swap

Today I've made 4 cards for a swap at OSA. 
I love Cranes, they are becoming more common here in New England , but they are still shy.  Every time I see one I am thrilled!  One of the things Steve and I enjoy doing is walking, long, long walks which frequently take us to watery areas, marshes or rivers,  to see a Crane is always a highlight! 

I was very excited to see the new Shoshon Ohara designs come out at Nicecrane Designs just in time for this March swap!! Especially since it included a very elegant crane painting!!

Here's the whole set:
Now you can believe, I wasn't looking to use a snow image!!  I love these and the Swans may become my Christmas cards.  For now, no more snow!!
Fresh out of the printer:
These images print up beautifully!  I have an older printer and I set it on the "best" print setting and the images come out perfect.  It did take me a few try's to discover this!  Now before you think I am spending a fortune on ink for the printing, I am not!!
Here's my ink supply:
Four pints and a refill kit $22.95 and it should refill my cartridges 80+ times! If you would like to know where I get this ink, just leave a comment and I will get the info to you!
A few weeks ago I heard a term I like very much, I found out  I'm and "Organic Designer" what that simply means is I work with what I have as I go along.  I rarely use sketches (even though I do like them very much) or case cards.
When I use a beautiful fine art image, it is a little hard to use a sketch without obscuring the focal image.     Doing organic design is far less complicated than it sounds and it is really fun to combine the beautiful things you already have on hand into your art work!
I wanted this card to have a nice heavy weight with strong but subtle layering. I decided to make my card a A7 size (5x7)  and use a Navy 110# base card.
Here I'm just pulling from my stash, Adding layers and embellishment .  I found the beautiful Black and white ribbon at Costco.  100 yards for 5.99!!
4 paper layers and dry embossing
My four finished swap cards!
I added glossy accent to the crane in the foreground, it is very hard to see in the photo but looks great in real life!  I had tried a little red glitter on the birds heads, but it looked terrible!
Don't you just love this beautiful Ohara Painting in miniature!
A warning about going over to Nicecrane, you will want everything!!
I'll be showing you my new tool too.  I have been cutting stacks of paper for my card shop!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you can find some crafty time this weekend!
Ginny M


Wowww Ginni:

Love your Crane Card,,,,and all over the embossing and blue background, what creative you are,,,,,,.It curious I love cranes but this one was added as an extra,,, my fav picts the swan and snowing,,,,,,hahaha..,I ññ design a special sheet including really better cranes picts,,,,you can be sure than this by Ohara.
MaryH said…
These cranes are stunning in themselves, but where you've taken them on your cards...WOW! Liked that graphic Costco ribbon. Worked wonderfully well with these images. I liked your term "organic designer". I might be that as well (but not in your category cause I am a copier of what I see). These look like prints I'd find in the Museum of Art and really did NCrane's images up proud. Well done Ginny.TFS & glad the weather is allowing some nature walks. Hugs

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