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Do you ever wonder if all the nurturing you do in life has a lasting effect?  I do! All the stories I have poured in to my kids, all the wonder of life that I have tried to impart, seeding deeply an appreciation of the gift of life.  Beauty, Hope, Joy Kindness, we all hope to engrain these ideals into our offspring.  They grow up and move swiftly into the courses of there lives - sometimes you hear a faint echo and it is so rewarding.   Today I was busy in my room working at the computer when the youngest came in and said "Hi Mom, I think the trees are starting to bud, is there anything for Lunch"?  Now it doesn't seem like much, but there is a history.  Young Steve came into my life when he was 4, I have been his step mother since he was 7.  He became my youngest.  My oldest was already 18, middle child was 14.  Steve brought me back to that sweet time of blowing dandelions, digging up worms and watching the seasons affect the trees.  Accept Steve wasn't into that, Steve loved game boy. Steve and I had a lot of adjustments to make in our relationship, one by one we did.  Over the years we changed each other.  Steve learned to stop and look around and enjoy beauty, I learned what a DS, playstaton, x box and Wii were. 
The bridge that  allowed our relationship to bloom was a bottle of My Honey Mustard dressing.  I'm serious, one weekend on "our weekend" Steve discovered that My honey mustard dressing was just about one of the best things on the planet to eat, it was right next to ketchup!  If I could make something so yum, maybe I was okay.  I made him more dressing and he told me I should bottle it. I found his little heart right through his stomach! No he never did like digging worms, and I never liked game boy; but we both learned listen to each other and love grew.  Steve is 20 now and tells us he's never moving out, not to worry he'll take care of us when we're old ( in a couple of months).He's been with us full time since he was 14. We went through the high school years like a breeze. When I look back to that four year old and that 38 year old, I see nothing other than a miracle.  It was all the simple things, that added up to something so much.

I made some simple cards tonight too, while I was thinking of those years. Ignacio from Nicecrane designs has sent me a boat load of images to make samples for ( Yay!!) and since I've been sick for the last couple of weeks I am way behind.

I made these using the Vintage Flower Books  Collection .   Simple and fast to work up!

my favorite: color is a little off in this, the background paper is a soft brown with pink polka dots.
Here a copy of the entire set:
Tomorrow I'll have some beautiful glassy butterflies to give you a short and EASY tutorial on !
Thanks for stopping by and remember all those simple things you do make a Magnificent Difference!
Ginny M


Jan Castle said…
Wonderful life story Ginny....we just never know how we touch others by what we say and do!!! Great cards too!

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