Window Art!

                Here is a picture Of the window I have been working on!!

This is on the fourth floor of an antique factory building,  The section of the store this was done in is where we sell type/fonts so this window art was perfect!!  There is more color in real life but you get the idea!

I painted each of the glass panes with a ranger color spray, that was simple enough.  I should have just dabbed on Stazon right from the pad to the window, but I didn't think of it until after it was done!

I printed each letter on transparency film with my regular printer and then applied black heat embossing powder and then heated it up!  I made a frame from black duct tape and slapped them up there!!  I wasn't crazy about this part, top of the ladder in a skirt in 100+ temperatures!!

So there it is the whole thing took me about 10 hours to do.
Thanks for stopping by!  I hope your weekend is a happy one!!
Ginny M


Couldn't you shift the things in front of it blocking access to get better image??
Maybe take it in two sections that way get a full shot?????.

Truly amazing work sis.. take it bow. Love every blessing on your Lords day. Shaz in Oz xxx
Carolyn said…
Stunning effect! AND, a terrific idea to dress up the window.
Sherry Heier said…
AWESOME job Ginny! Well worth the wait! !! Take a bow, it's FABULOUS!
Hi Ginny, that window looks beautiful! I was trying to envision in my head what it would look like based upon your description and this is even better than I had imagined! Beautiful work.

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