Anniversary and Saturday

Has anyone ever asked you if you had an Epic Love story?  That was a popular question going around a year or to ago, people most often talked about love come and gone.  Epic Love stories have been popular for the last 200 years and maybe before - but ask my kids, I'm not even that old to really be sure. 
I have one of my own and it is an amazing story of how God brought two people from across the miles together, helping them over come very surmountable obstacles and foibles.  My hero in that story and my life is my husband Steve. I could go on for hours about how wonderful he is.    The Epic story continues to grow, no anticlimax, no waking up and saying who is this guy or even worse, who am I?  But a story that has become more exciting every year.  We are starting our 12th chapter this weekend. I wanted to do something really special because I feel like we are entering into a special time in our lives, a season of blessing, a season of seeing the fruits of our labours.

This weekend I purchased for each of us a journaling bible - these are kind of the rage right now! The paper is wonderful you can't see through it , it is smooth and has a wide margin with lines.  

Years  ago I "doodled" my way through a few bibles and then gave them away.  
With this one I am illustrating my story in the verses God has guided my life with, brought me comfort and hope with and led me to celebrating in!  I'll be showing you these pages on Saturdays.
I would encourage you to try this beautiful form of study and worship while using the gifts he has given you  - to especially Glorify Him!

Steve was very happy to receive his and I hope he draws as well as takes  writes notes and studies. Where ever it takes him I know The Lord will bless as we both endeavor to hide the Word in our heart, Love Him more and Grow in our Epic love story.

My First page:

the color is a little more intense in real life!

and Happy 12th Anniversary to my Hero, Steve Maxam

Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Mehrll said…
Beautiful post. God bless you both as you serve Him and are a blessing to so many others. It is wonderful when two people are of the same mind in serving the Lord. God truly blessed you with a wonderful marriage. Hugs! and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
Happy Anniversary Ginny and Steve! I wish you all the love, laughter,happiness and health in the world. Cheers to the next 12 years and then some. Hugs, Crystal
ah wodnerful Ginny love it all so very very much.. esp that it is KJV do like that tree too .. remind me of verse in Isaiah where we are like a green tree beside waters. But is often used, hugs , Shaz.x
Carolyn said…
Congratulations to both of you. May you have many more years together. We celebrate our 60th this month.

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