Another Beauty

Last week I posted about beauty and used a verse from the psalms  to make a card kit for you.  This week I was asked if I could do a digital of a favorite quote for my friend Chrisann.
I said sure, I appreciate getting the help!

I thought this quote was intriguing and I wanted to find an image to go with it that would justify it.

The Quote:

Isn't that intriguing? 

I selected this image

I actually cropped her a bit for modesty's sake 

overlayed / this is optional of course, but you can save and print this:

and my finished 5x7 card:

The back gound paper is the same color as the portrait's eyes.  I printed this on 90# watercolor paper.

Thanks for stopping by!

Ginny M


Hi Ginny, what a beautiful quote to go with a beautiful woman's image. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Hugs xo
Mehrll said…
Beautiful quote and lovely lady make a wonderful card. Thanks.
Clever clever work will be honest not keen on quotes, have to be ultra special and very God oriented to really grab me but this image matches the quote well....
So very kind of you Ginny. Praying for you
Ps have you any shorter Christmas digis with Chris our Saviour mentioned?? I bought the $4 set of Karen from WAW on Etsy and used them on this year's cards but find most of them too longe, or in a little hard to read script so need to be big to understand them...:-D

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