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I started reading the psalms again today and journaling in my new journal bible.  I decided to incorporate my card art with my journaling.  Before I did either of those things I had to reflect on what was  message of Psalm 1 and how would I apply it to my life.
The message was wrapped in a question - what kind of man (woman) are you?  Will you be the blessed woman? The woman who is a fruitful tree?  Or will you be the ungodly woman who is like Chaff (the empty hull of seed, without life).   To clarify which person we are we get simple list: the godly does not follow  advice of the wicked, and does not follows the ways of sin, But the Godly love the word of God and delights in it and desires to live by it. Then the psalm tells us what happens to these two types of people.  It is pretty straight forward. not much room for theological debate.
I want to be the fruitful tree.  As for the Chaff we can guess who that might be, but Jesus warned against this and said that can only be revealed after the harvest, because there is no REAL substance to chaff - the winds simply blows it away. I don't want to make a mistake in that department, so I will walk in the ways of God and delight in his word - that is healthy and wise.  I will endeavor to be a blessing.

My Journal pages for today:

I did Psalm in papyrus ( I love  this font!)

Next a feather


Then my 5x7 card

I will probably add a little wink of stella to the feather fronds, I like how this came out.
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