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It is very popular to give craft room tours on the Internet, I love browsing around in them!  I look for organizational Ideas, tips and great ideas to incorporate into my work space!
So I though I take you to where I spend a great deal of my time every day, "my room"  This is my craft room, my prayer room, my business hub, command central in my families life.  I have worked in everything from a travel trailer alcove to the beautiful studio Steve built for me.  I have always had at the least a desk and a stack of bible reference books and pen and ink. It has been my passion since 1980 to write the Word and send it out.  I have other hobbies that I take a great deal of pleasure in and enjoy with my family, but the core me is probably a scribe sitting at a desk and writing.

So my present "room" is not fancy, it is crammed and stuffed with everything I need and a little left over just in case I need something else.  I know where everything is and it is all in the state of constant rearrangement, the other core me is probably a squirrel!

This is how it is, not cleaned up, but my workspace while I am working

I work at an L shaped desk set up, the desk below is a terrific table we picked up from Craig's list about 7 years ago, it was free and like new and fit perfectly in this little 9x12 room, I use the top and underneath - with a vintage paper sorter.  That sorter holds about 16 reams of printer papers and card stocks.  What is in there is only for my printers.  My bibles are right there.  Yes, I do use electronic bibles too, our main library is in another room - these are my must haves, friends decades old.

I also love those little books you find in surprising places like the pharmacy.
Pieces in progress and cards waiting to be mailed.

Lots of daily lists keep me on track

where I write my correspondence and do the bills...

My computer and several printers, where I write and do digital design, blog and work for other businesses, more books with inspiration.  This was a closet Steve pulled out the doors, built a very strong shelf to store cases of card stock.  the table is an industrial sewing table for a  serger.  I took the serger head out and have a very sturdy table for my electronics. More stuff underneath.  I think I pretty much use every inch of space including the walls!

A corner with my electronic embosser and to the left my cricut machine

My stand up desk, I do most of my  stamping while I stand up.  I pre-cut card bases by the ream, I use 3 types of cutters.  my makeshift photo set up, I have a great light box that Steve built for me, I just need to find the space to use it - not in this room!

I hope you enjoyed this little tour a peek into my ministry!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Carolyn said…
Thanks for sharing, Ginny. You are well organized. Enjoy the weekend.
Great overview Ginny thanks so much for sharing Shaz in Oz.x
Jan Castle said…
Great use of your space Ginny!!!! Oh to have a big room for creating....mine is the laundry room - But it works for me as I store my 100 pizza boxes of stamps, as well as most of my dies and punches, etc. in the garage - LOL!

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