A color challenge for the month of April

I've put up a new challenge for my facebook group 'Christian Card Makers'
This challenge involves a new way of looking at color and using it in card making projects.
I thought I'd  blog this challenge,  you might like to give it a try
This involves using the color key registration of fabrics.
Here is how it works:

1. Go to a fabric store and a quickly look the fabrics

2. Find a few fabrics that you are drawn to.

I like this one in the group, When I pulled it out I wasn't to crazy about it, plus it did not have a color registration key!  This is the first bolt  of fabric I have seen without one!!

I thought this might be interesting and it had a color key

Then I thought , no I really don't want to make cards with this palette

This was really pretty in fabric

But then I thought to little color to make a couple dozen cards with.

I left the home decor fabric section and went over to the quilting fabrics and found something that I liked:

3. Unwrap the bolt a bit and look for the color fabric key, take a photo of the fabric and the key.

4.Narrow this down to one fabric /key, photo the fabric and the Key.

 The color is off on this photo but the color key is correct:

I printed this out to build my swatch sheet

5. You will need find a pad or stash in the colors with your key. Purchase or use stash paper - I am using a patterned paper pad and a solid. I purchased this to match my key. both were on sale 3.00 each

So that is where I am right now!  

I think this will be a fun exercise in color use, play along if you can!!

next.... , to be continued!

6. Make a swatch sheet with your papers of the color key.
7. Start playing with your papers, pull them out of the pad and start matching colors with patterns. Use your phot'd fabric as an example
8. Start making cards, if you can take your fabric shot and show it with your cards or buy a 1/2 yard of the fabric to back drop your creations.
As always, photo this as you go along!! You have the whole month of April!!
Have fun!

Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Mehrll said…
I bought my material today to start your challenge. Now we will see how it turns out! Hugs

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