A Scrap Card Challenge

I started a scrap  card challenge on my face book group. I am not one to save every teeny tiny scrap of paper or fabric, but I am all for good stewardship.  I like to think I have found the good middle ground.
This is the challenge: collect your scraps, photo, weigh, photo and post in the album, make cards and photo and post them.  It is an exercise in using what you have and not getting more.  In the craft world that is a very important

So I weighed and photo'd mine:

Almost 6LBS of scrap paper!

I sorted it in male/female cards parts:

All this scrap brought on yet another room sort, which was fun and hopefully making my work area more efficient.
I'm looking forward to making card from these bits, so far I have one little card done: and it is double duty I made this card for an OSA challenge.

Having had to photo this card before the time expired, this cards' Glossy Accents was still wet!!

I am furthering the challenge personally to make sure all these cards get sent out with words of encouragement!

Of course there is a prize, my group doesn't know this yet but if you are a part of it this will be the challenge prize!!:

Why?  Because I am always (almost every Friday) reminding my group to back-up!!!

If you are interested in joining my group, leave a comment.  We have lots of fun things going on!

Stay tuned for more scrap cards!
Thanks for stopping by,
Ginny M


Anne said…
I always love your cards and your ability to make so many cards in such a short space of time! I know I am slow because I do not make many cards but even so! Very impressive! I'm not on facebook but I think your challenge is brilliant! I don't have many scraps but I am using them up, little by little. One of the challenges on not being able to buy is to use, and appreciate, what one has. It's good!

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