4 and 1/2 women, friends

Last night 4 and 1/2 women met to enjoy each others company and say Happy Birthday to Donna!  Happy Birthday and sadly Au Reviour to Donna.

  Donna is moving to the west coast  and we are all going to miss her so much.  At least we have a few more fun things planned before she starts her new chapter !

Tomorrow I'm going to a crafty get together hosted by Crystal  - Super Stamp Girl  , So the 4.1/2 will have lots of fun together for the day!  I'm working on a little goodie bag for the 1/2, Charlotte is just the sweetest child you can imagine and she is an awesome card maker in her own right!!

I have an agenda for tomorrow to, revisiting the swing card!  I used to use a cutting machine that hacked more paper than it cut, Now I'm looking for a simpler die cut version.

I gave it a whirl last night, so I wouldn't look like a dunce tomorrow when Crystal gives me a lesson.

It was a fail

I think I shouldn't start projects at 1am. 
The good thing was It brought back to mind a favorite folded card and I hope to get a bunch of those done tonight!!

I'll have to post the successes tomorrow!!

I have two sisters Robin and Cherie  in the Natural, My Mother, my Daughter, and my two Daughter in laws (almost 2). I have 3 sisters in law;  they are all treasures in my life.
And Friends, like Jane, Lori and Beth, The 3 1/2, Laurie, Marilyn and Shaz,  These too are treasures,  I am very, very blessed to have such wonderful women to call friends and family, Funny how the heart holds no lines, love is love. There is just something so special about the "sisterhood" and the deep affects these relationships hold, many of my friends are scattered across the globe, But they are closely kept in my heart.

Here's a freebie to help you celebrate friendship:

Thanks you for stopping by and sharing with me!
Ginny M


Anne said…
Looks like you have been working hard and playing hard! I've just looked through your recent posts and I adore your cards, you have so much talent! Bravo for hosting classes and get togethers. It sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to make friends! Have a great weekend!xx
This morning I was thinking we should have taken pictures last night!Bummer.
Ah how,special it is sis, the Lord really blesses us with dear ones,doesn't He?
Praise Him!!!

Thanks for the kind thoughts and for sharing so kindly too,sis, you are special,
Shaz in Oz,x

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