Another Get together

I went to another card event yesterday, In a nearby town, meeting the 4 1/2.  We're trying to get in as much fun time as possibel before Donna heads to the sunny west coast.  
Charlotte was busy today with her own crew:

Carolyn, Charlotte and Charlotte, can you guess who is not a twin?

Donna and Laurie

Crystal is being photo shy, but she was here and one of the sponsors/hostesses

Thelma and Brenda

Nancy; a new friend!

Samples of the cards to be made - this is called 'stamp a stack' I think it was a stack of 25 cards that everyone made.

Health food:

I came in after the signs up at the last minute, I din't have a kit to make the 25 so I brought my own project:

I trimmed up a stack of 4.75x9.50 cardstock, mostly K&company

With the plan of turning them in z fold cards

I got the z's done and began to glue the backs on

The z fold is one of my favorite folded cards to make, 
I will show you in the next few days some of the cards.

Thanks, Crystal, Donna, Laurie and Charlotte for letting me hang out with you, it was a funny way to spend a rainy day.  

I haven't mentioned on the blog, but Steve's been on a month long "TDY".  
Lots of great  girl friend time, but I miss my Best Friend!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Anne said…
Wow you gals were busy! I am amazed at how everyone can come up with so many design ideas so quickly! It takes me longer to think of something than make it....!!! I like the look of the health food...!!!!! Lovely cards and it looks like you had a fun time.
Mehrll said…
It must be nice to live where there are other cardmakers! I am going to have to trains some so I can get together with them and have food! and fun! Enjoy yourself. While the cat's away the mice will play.

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