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Sometimes finding beautiful and different papers can be challenging, especially if you are working on a budget. One really great way to add to an unusual paper stash it to use wrapping papers!!  You can find great wraps at really good prices and often they go on sale.  A favorite of mine is a gold brush paper that Barnes and noble sell at Christmas time.  In the past I waited to get them at half price after Christmas, However last year they sold out, this year I will spring for the whole 10.00 for the beautiful jumbo roll before they sell out!!

I have a little system to keep things clean and easily usable; I cut my roll and store the cuts in plastic sleeves.

I take each roll and cut it 7 inches wide leave it in rolled for storing.  I  then un-roll the mini rolls as I need the papers.

I use my stack cutter to do this , one roll takes about 1 minute

three rolls ready to use and ready to neatly store in my "fancy paper drawer"

Here is last weeks Word Art Wednesday card I made using this paper:

Each roll of 10 meter paper yields  5 mini rolls and one tiny roll (I make faux washi).
1 mini roll will yield approx 72 5x7 back ground papers, more if you configured this for a smaller size card or journal.  One roll of paper can yield 360 5x7 back ground sheets. I think that is pretty economical. 

I have spent a lot of years in and out of the printing and art reproduction world and with each passing decade the technology changes. Right now there are so many amazing resources for paper artists and all forms of medium artists.  In 1978 I made 5.00 and that was a decent wage back then.  I would count change to go to Johnsons book store ( and art supplies ) In Springfield MA they cost $1.09. 
35 years later I can go to Dick Blick  and buy one for $1.09.  Quality art supplies have become very easy to find and affordable to purchase. In 1980 I had 1 place to shop, now there are scores, locally and on the internet.  It's a great day to have an art passion!
Have a look around, I'll be t you will find lots of unique things for your art!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Lovely paper indeed, sis, thanks for sharing it... Wish saw some like that here, curious isn't it, not much anywhere near like these, Shaz in Oz.x

{Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}
Fabulous idea. Great card.

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