Tote along

I put this together this week.  for many of us who like to travel to crafty weekend and day events, getting our stuff there can be an issue.

Sometimes I like to just go to watch a movie and work on a little coloring - so I only have to move over a few rooms.

So for traveling big or large I put this together.  I tried a half dozen things at home,couldn't find anything. I did find this on sale at Rite Aide on sale half price ( It's a summer cooler)  I wanted: handles, a over the shoulder strap and a few pockets. $7.49!

 This was the right size:

I needed inserts to keep things in order, so I made them from canning jar inserts:

It works!!
This is a whole set of Spectrum Noir pens.
If these were copics I would be afraid of toting this many
a set of SN are around 200.00 the same number of Copics would be over $1000.00.
I love both brands, but I wouldn't risk the investment.

I like this so much I am going to create a pattern for the bag, make a few modifications for crafters- make the insert out of a more substantial material and start manufacturing these;  I have the equipment from my commercial sewing business.

Thanks for stopping by, next up: water color markers!
Ginny M


You don't do things by halves, do you Ginny, you are loving your spectrum noir sand must admit love this ide too, as well as the card below... Beautifully done.

{Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}
Grammy Pammy said…
I like this idea, I don't have any pens yet, but when I do I would store them like this always. Easy to get to and easy to put away. I have a small table next to my bed that I work on, so I have to keep it cleaned up at all times. I just pull off my shelf what I need each time for each project.
Jan Castle said…
Hi Ginny,
Great idea.....may I suggest thinking about making 6 or 8 little cloth or mesh sack like baskets with a floppy handle as your inserts - rather than dividers. This way you can pull out an entire color family and put it on the table to work with - or pull from the color family basket to work with. I had one of the official Copic cases and this is what they had - it worked great!!!! I did sell the bag as I now have my Copics in 3 wooden holders with slots right on top of my desk - in front of my face so to speak - so I am using them more. I don't carry my entire Copic collection anymore, so did not need the bag (looks to be about the same size as your cooler). You might try to look on-line if my description is not clear.
Paper Hugs,
Beebeebabs said…
Very nice idea thanks for sharing!!!
Anne said…
Super ideas Ginny and Jan! (Now that sounds like a partnership name...the Ginny and Jan show.....!) Great ideas and what a 'cool' price! Way to go!
Jen Evers said…
Awesome! Never thought of that! It would make it a lot easier for me to tote around my markers if I went to a crop. Thanks for sharing! You are such a talent and a blessing! xoxo Jen

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