Coloring, pencils and paper

I made a great discovery, one of those that you can be pretty sure of you know in theory, but not in practice.  Actually it might be two.

This week I was able to get the complete set of Spectrum Noir Pencils- I sell them- but did not have a complete set!

They come in sets (5) and are order by theme.  This is a fairly organic way to order the coloring system.  It makes me think of the old Sears 'Grananimals' line of clothing - SN picks the color sets for you.  which is okay but if you buy one, you will want the rest!!

Nicely packaged

The pencils have a very nice feel to the barrel, they are numbered and have a pretty accurate paint dip color code on the bottom

 The core contains a generous lead

And they sharpen with a hand sharpener very well!

I did a quick try out on a new specialty paper I am also selling.

Discovery #1 the Pencils and the Markers, Discovery#2 the paper and combining all three!!

The blending with the pencils and Spectrum Noir marks was just about effortless!!  I use Denatured Alcohol for my blending solution, in pens and in these cool jars!!  This is a very fun technique  that produces beautiful results!

This paper was something that was purchased for an offset printing project and I started using it because I had a bit left over from the project.  I'm not sure exactly what the component is that makes the pigments glide on the surface, but it is wonderful for the Alcohol Pens and and the colored pencils.
Many offset papers have a bit of a gloss to it and that is not good  or they are not bright enough.  My paper is used was a substitute for Neenah's Solar White,  It is actually a tad brighter on the brightness scale. Two more pluses, it is a nice heavy weight of 100# and you can put this in your printer for your digital images. Having a good paper makes all the difference in the  coloring.  I have seen friends new at coloring use cardstock on hand and not enjoying the process.  The blending doesn't blend and you end up with paper that pills and has surface damage.  you will know when you have the right paper when your inks glide on and blend with ease.  The Distress inks also seem to love this paper!

If you are having problems with your blending, it might very well be the paper!

You can purchase this for 7.50 shipping free here  I can also give bulk pricing: 100@ $10.00  and 250 @$20.00  Sheets + actual shipping.  
or leave a comment and I will get back to you.

We have so many wonderful tools and supplies to choose from, I am very thankful the good things I have and my husbands loving support!

Thanks for stopping by!!
Ginny M


Lovely sets of pencils sis, and that cardstock sounds just perfect.
Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x

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