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I've been making lots of cards for years now, this includes doing wedding invitation sets and announcements which can have me making a few hundred cards at a time.  I also make kits and sets for card makers.  All of these card basis are 100+ LBS cover, each of those heavy weights requires a score to get a good crease for a sharp fold.

 For a few years I used this
I've purchased a lot of craft items and this has to be in my top ten for a waste of money, the channels are much to thin for heavy weight card stock and I've never needed to score a piece of copy paper.

So I went to this which worked great if I wanted to do one card at a time.

Doing 500 bases became a 7 hour chore and left me with very sore hands.

I thought I was going to have to pick up a letterpress and use channel matrix to get my scoring done

Needless to say that would mean I actually have to learn how to do that, find a press and find a place to put it!  The 5x7 press above probably weighs about 100 pounds and sells for $1,000.00 - Yep that wasn't happening either!

So I went to good old ebay and found exactly what I was looking for!!
A counter top manual paper creasing machine!!

I thought it looked pretty straight forward, the rulers were in Imperial and Metric I work in both but Imperial is what I use for paper.  The machine was black steel and this machine would match my cutting machine.  

I really like to keep uniformity in my craft rooms it cuts down on the visual clutter, having machines all black helps!

So I purchased it and in about 6 days it arrived!!

for some reason I wasn't expecting it to be so huge!

I'm pretty sure I will have to get a bigger craft space next!

It looked pretty simple.  There were no directions in the box, but since I am smarter than a 5th grader,  this was put together in 2 minutes.

Sliding paper guide 

It is very simple, you measure your paper and then plan where you want your score.

Press the lever and that is it a perfect score and no damage to the paper!!

Interior channel

exterior fold - sharp as can be!

here are the specs:

These instructions I found back on Ebay:

I have about 600 bases waiting to be scored and I'm eager to use this machine to get the job done,
I did find that I could score 4 sheets of 110# Cover at one time and still get good results!

This tool was about $150.00 and compared to the $30.00 for the  piece of plastic junk I paid for 3 years ago I find it a very reasonable cost, especially when I think of the  time it will save me.

I know this machine isn't for everyone, but I do have lots of friends that are in the professional craft business, teaching workshops, classes and preparing kits and I think this would be a great tool.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found the information useful today, I'm going to go time myself at those  600 bases!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M

I'm adding this a day later, this is how I decided to store the machine, I put it on a microwave stand!  Now it is out and convenient in my tiny room!


You always amaze me with your thrifty finds, Ginny! I swear you have a tool for everything and you've gotten them for a great deal. I still call you my crafting Obi-Wan! Have a great weekend! Crystal
Jan Castle said…
Great find Ginny...especially since you have sooooooo many to score!!! I totally agree with you on the MS score board - a waste of money for sure. I do enjoy using my Score buddy and Score Pal, but then I am only doing a few cards at a time - no big projects like yours! Enjoy your new tool!!!!
Paper Hugs,

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