Word Art Wednesday # 197

It is Word Art Wednesday Challenge # 197!
  If you entered last week don't forget to check back to see if you won!
Every week we have a great bible verse digitized by the Talented and
oh so hard working Karen Murray.  Karen has gifted us with 197 bible verses, all at no cost!  Check out her link, she has some really beautiful things that would make wonderful gifts for yourself and for friends and family!  Karen Letchworth is our Blog Director/Administrator and works tirelessly to make this good work happen.  I am very thankful for both of these talented Godly ladies, they have made my life better and helped me share the word in a way I had never dreamed!

Our verse this week personally ministered to me 

Right now I'm in the middle of a whole bunch of things.  One of them getting my cottage business 'Maxam Made Studio' up and running full swing.  There are so many components to this highly competitive business it is making me a little dizzy.  I am trying to sell quality crafting products that I have tried and loved at a great price, and I am in the same corral with thousands of other small sellers and the really big guys.   But I believe I have a vision for a business that can thrive, Quality, Honesty and Education for a fair price.  That is something we all want.

So when I needed to take a break from the mayhem and make my sample card - well 
This is the state of my craft room and I do not like it, 

It looks like a craftplosin, everywhere, my room, living room and dinning room. 
and for a second I thought am I making a mistake can this really work?

Then I pulled up the verse for today's card - I hadn't looked at it yet:

So I am going to keep chopping, gluing and typing and believe God is going to make this abound for our family!
How about you?  Do you need a little encouragement?  Let this verse settle in and you will feel the Joy and Peace of God!

While making cards I have started doing something a little different if possible:

I am starting to use my Spectrum Noir Black to line my cards.  I like to make larger cards, the A6 size and A7 size and I really like layers, so between the larger sizes and layers it tips the postage into the 2oz rates.  By edging  the paper I am able to eliminate the black liner layer.  This keeps the card light and more economical to make!

I set up my digital verse for printing:

Pop in the paper:
this is a canon pixma printer, very inexpensive and I love it, I use two all day long!
Refilling my ink cartridges is so inexpensive: Color is about 25 CENTS a cartridge!

Lining again:

And here is my card:

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see your card in the Challenge!
Ginny M


Team Clark said…
Great idea. I've always used my gold marker for this, but never black or other colors. DUH! ;0 Very interested in your printer advice. Thanks so much for the beautiful card and ideas. :)
Hi Ginny,
I just love this verse,, "..peace and joy through believing.." Believing that the Lord God is in control...in spie of the situation.

Love also the idea of lining with black texta we used to do that with students art work when teaching, gonna start that.

Don't fill printers any more am not skilled, ruined two printers doing it and found a good seller of genuine ones on EBay.
Hugs Shaz in Oz.x

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

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