ATC and a freebies

Last night I made an ATC for a swap, I Love making and receiving  ATC's!
I keep them fairly flat for mailing and storing.

ATC's are always 3.5x2.5

The back of the card is Important too, you need to have your Artist info on the back.  ATC's are made to be collected.  Knowing  who and when and why you received the ATC is a big part of the fun!

I created an ATC back for you, you can print these off on your printer and hand write the info.  I made to print to  correct size, download and then copy and paste into  word for the set a or change up the sizes with the individuals

I hope you find these helpful!
Thanks for stopping by,
Ginny M


Steven M said…
Thanks for making an ATC back for us but could you make an ATC front for us? Your loving and adoring husband :)
Thank you Ginny for the freebie - I have not made many ATC's, and when I have, I have never had a signature sheet to go with it.
Your ATC looks gorgeous - love that image, and the rhinestones are the perfect accent

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