Mail art and a freebie

Now that I'm unpacked and got things back in thier place (or I know where they are)  I wanted to write thanks you and get them in the mail.  There is no post office within walking distance from me and I canceled my Pitney Bowes machine/plan before I left MA.  I went backs to the program and for 9.99 a month I can weigh and process my mail.  If your do a lot of written correspondence and or sell from home you really need to have something set up to keep you out of the post office daily.  This seems to be very convenient, time will tell.

I love Mail art and have been doing it right along, I think it is important, especially when I put a scripture on the envelope.  I have a new mail man and I am working at building a relationship with him.  My mail box is in a group of box along with the 300 other residents.  The procedure for out going mail is to bring it to the complex office, put it in a tray that is near the door and the mail man comes and picks it up every day. About 40 people will also walk buy it.  This seems like a strange way to do things but then this is Texas!  So with all this exposure of my mail I want it to radiate "look at me", especially if there is a Bible Verse on it!!   Here are some of my out goings today:

I've tried to blur out the addresses:

This was so much fun, I will start putting bible verses on them too, I'm baiting the hook right now.

The complex is having a thanksgiving lunch today, I'm home and plan on going, I'd really like to meet some of my neighbors!

We're also having a couple over for dinner tonight, did I mention I still don't have furniture??  Humm, this will be interesting.

I hope you have a great day!
Here is a verse for you to use:

Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Anne said…
Beautiful envelopes, lovely idea! Just make sure your scripture is on the reverse so as not to confuse the mail scanners! Enjoy your lunch and evening!
Marilyn Mathis said…
Love the envelopes. Glad you are getting settled in. Hugs.
Ah great way to share God love Ve sis and to brighten another's day well done. 😊 Shaz in Oz.x
angela said…
what a Beautiful way to witness to the world around you....or rather to the world around your mail.

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