What to do with ATC Collections and weekend organization,

On Friday I had a great idea to create a display board for my ATC's.   ATC's are Artist Trading Cards 2.5x3.5 in size, we make and trade these for all kinds of events, they are really fun to make and receive.  After the move I had my little basket full of them and really no place to put them.  So I grabbed a piece of foam that came in the box of the desk we bought for Steve on friday and covered it with the paper from the K&Co pad that I have used throughout my room.

While Steve assembled the book case I mounted all my ATC on little black frame cards, noting the artist and the date - that information is on the back of each card along with the event of the ATC trade

Here is the first board and the two more for room to grow!

Next project was prettying up these Iris carts.
These Iris carts are about 20 years old, they have held up through fire and flood and a cross country move!  I keep all things for my ATC's , Tags, Postal art , Stationary,Watercoloring, Chalks.  All of my ink pads are stored in drawers - I have over 200, this is the only way I can keep them in their color/brand families. I also have the reinkers for all of these - which reminds me I need another  6 drawer iris cart for pad the reinkers and the reinkers for my Spectrum noir markers - I have all of those too! 


A little nicer


My Stamp Drawers.  I had to unload these drawers and ship the towers separately and a good thing I did too.  If it were a short distance  move and on to a 1st floor I would have shrink wrapped everything and I think it would have been fine.  However, once we decided to take a 3rd floor apartment that all changed.  And Yes I wanted to cry, it was a little overwhelming, not only did my stamp storage have to be packed, but my paper dressers also had too.  Good thing; the dressers weighed around 90 lbs each and there is no elevator here. 

Each drawer filled a postal box, I had 45 drawers of stamps, 15 drawers of ribbon, fibers and bling. I fit 6 postal boxes in one packing box

When I started unpacking, I just poured the postal boxes in a drawer. It wasn't a bad way, but I needed to label and straighten out the drawers - I did that this weekend.

They are all labeled by theme, I also have my cello bags for kits and swap in these towers

I spilt the towers up and put the fiber/ribbon/bling tower near my standing desk and I also put my personal stacks - the ones I don't use for kits in a tower.  The papers are in order and labeled.

From this end of the room I can pull papers and ribbons and assemble. The large black thing on the end of the work area is a paper scoring machine.

This room is 12x12 and I am pretty sure I need about double that space!  I have room for a friend or two, but not for a class, I'm going to have to get a large dinning room table or find a separate venue for classes.  But for my little card making business and ministry this will work. 

I hope some of these ideas help you!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Crystal Komara said…
Wow, looking good, Ginny! I hope you are getting accustomed to your new home and neighborhood and that you are thoroughly enjoying it. Hugs, Crystal
Wonderful space sis... Love how you did the ATC. :)
Shaz in Oz.x
Marilyn Mathis said…
So neat. Mine can start out that way but it doesn't last. :) Saw one of my ATC's on your board. I am honored! Hugs
SewPaperPaint said…
It's coming along beautifully! Congrats on your redesigned and functional room!

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