Hill Country and a freebie

Today we headed Northwest to Fredricksburg Texas, the "Jewel of the Hill Country".  A beautiful sunny day, about 90 minutes from San Antonio. The Hill Country is famous for its hills, that is a big deal out here in the lone star state because most of it is flat.  We also found a lot of really nice shops with lots of other people that headed for the hills!  We had a great lunch at a German restaurant, Steve had a Wurst sandwich  and I had a Chalupa.  I think all German restaurants in Texas have a full mexican menu compliment!

The "downtown" area  is just about a mile of charming shops and restaurants  of all kind.

A wonderful spice shop that had a hot sauce department with some very helpful descriptions:

Steve making choices..

One great quilt shop:

it would have been perfect if there was a stamp store!!

I did see this sign art and it made me smile:

I cropped it up to make it printable!

It was a fun day!  Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Oh Ginny what a wonderful trip - I love some of these sauce names, especially the Colon Cleaner!! The patchwork fabric looks wonderful - as you say, pity there were no stamp shops :-)
Thanks for sharing a wee bit of your corner of the world.

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