LA Cantera

Anyone do any shopping this weekend?? We went to a place called La Cantera, it is supposed to be one of the best malls in the country! It is huge and very beautiful, it share grounds with hotels, golf courses and lux apartments. But it was COLD, this mall is all out doors, huge gardens with waterfalls and walk ways. I'm not a mall shopping person but this place was really beautiful!

I picked up a few things, mainly thing to go in the journal kits I will be making and selling. A thrifty find, craft mats for 7.00 in a cooking shop (they call them cookie sheet liners).

I'm leaving you with a vintage drawing freebie, The napkins inspired me.  I love coloring birds!

Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


What a beautiful mall - it really must be refreshing to visit an outdoor mall like that :-).
Thank you do much for the sketch, the birds are lovely

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