Challenging myself

On my birthday I decided I really want to push myself to do something I've had in the back of my mind for years.  Make my clothes and advance my skills as an embroider.  So far I've made a jacket and it came out nice (I think) Nothing fancy but perfect for where I am living and the newer me (relaxed).  The embroidery thing happens by practice and by education and by practicing the education. I've had a hoop near me since I was 12 and I took out my first embroidery book  at the library.  Anyone remember this book?

I took this out from the library so many times they told me I had to let someone else use it for a month before they let me renew!!

I loved Erica Wilson's patterns!

1972 at it's best!!  I still like these!!

40+ years later I'd like to perfect my skills so for the Second time in the last 5 years I am joining "TAST"  Take  a stitch Tuesday.  This is a wonderful; program put together by Sharon Boggin.  Sharon lives down under and is a world renown author and teacher of embroidery and quilting
She writes a wonderful blog and keeps a website 'Pintangle'
On the Pintagle site, there is a page called TAST  It is here where you can read the particulars on the 100 stitches in a year challenge!

I started this 5 years ago and made it for two weeks.  It just wasn't the right time for me.
Many of these stitches I know, many I have forgotten. My point is getting better at something I love doing.  Getting it organized and having an index.

Another wonderful resource on Sharon pintangle is the Stitch Dictionary  This dictionary will give you instructions and pictures of Hundreds of stitches - this is an amazing resource and there is no charge!!

One of the problems I had the last time I started this was making an index for my stitches, you don't have to do this , but since I am stitching anyway I'd like to have this in an attractive format . So this is what I have done to help myself be successful fir this challenge which will take at least a year.

I cut my gound cloth in strips  6" x 4'.  When I am done with the bands of stitching I will do a pillow case binding on them with a pretty fabric backing 

This fabric served as a drape in its first life.  It has a beautiful hand and I think will be great to stitch on

 I am hooping this with a 6" Q-snap hoop which I can hold or put on a frame

Nice and tight and easy to rehoop when I have stiched the space.  This frame gives me a margin and there is no hoop burn

I also have a practice hoop on hand - this is where I stalled last time .  my new stitches were so messy I spent more time frogging than stitching!!  So now I will have a practice  hoop to learn new stitches before I stitch on the sampler band!

I have tons of fibers, a pack of needles, everything ready to go and everything can be put away or traveled with.

Becoming good at anything requires a plan and effort.  I am thankful I picked embroidery and not skiing!!
What area of your life have you challenged yourself??

Thanks for stopping by and I'll be posting my progress!
Ginny M


Anonymous said…
Your preparations are inspiring me to get busy and try some TAST stitches also! Good for you! It will be fun to watch your progress if you continue to post on FB. Beth
Ginny Maxam said…
Hi Beth!! I have put this restart off for 5-6 years!! Go for it!!
I have picked up my cross stitch again after 18 months or so of not working on it due to arm/wrist problems, and I am enjoying it!! I have loads more fabric and threads that need to be used to.....
Thanks for the inks to the site.
MarilynP said…
I have been learning embroidery design for the last few years. It has stretched me. Just what I needed after years of doing cross-stitch kits. Moving away from realistic to contenporary has proved to be an enjoyable journey. I still have lots to learn, we never know it all.
Ginny Maxam said…
Hi Marilyn, ya know every time I start embroidering I feel like I know less!! I am glad there is so much to learn, it keeps it exciting!!
Ginny Maxam said…
I hope to see your work!! Thank you for always being so encouraging!!

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