Pleasant riches

I've spent the last few days getting some things done, I love finishing projects , I also love starting them!  For the last couple of weeks, I have been thinking about the Bible verse from Proverbs 24:4

And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

I think there are a lot of bible studies to be written from this verse, but I'm not writing a bible study.  I am writing about a deep seeded feeling of contentment  The kind that comes from Trusting God and about being who he created you to be or at least the process of getting to that place of contentment.  

One thing about life here in Texas, I am learning how to relax, I made a decision to stop doing the things in my life that  make me crazy (like overworking and feeling over-responsible in at least a dozen areas of my life).  An enjoying the blessing that God has enriched my life with.  

It's big things and small things, the space of our own contemplation can be one of peace or one of the storms.  We can trust God or we can worry and fret over everything.
I'm choosing trust.  

I started the TAST challenge at the beginning of the week and did 11 stitches out of the 50 I need to catch up with:

This was so fun to just sit and stitch and not have to worry about marketing or selling.  
I did this for myself
.  This little exercise is part of a bigger plan

I want to become really good at embroidery for myself and because I'd like to teach this gentle art and someday.  I'd like to sit with my little granddaughter and  share  this part of my life with her. 

I have this 5x5 needlepoint I did when I as around 20, somehow it has made it through multiple moves,  a house fire and a flood!

Now I want to create a series of 5x5 and frame them to go with these pieces that I have collected

my first in a series will be a hummingbird:

I don't think I have ever seen a kit with fibers this long!!

Uh Oh!

Love the colors!

Back to the Bible verse, I have spent my life working and now I have the time to enjoy the fruit of our labor and make our house filled with precious and pleasant riches.
             When I was in my 20's I looked forward to this day, it came much quicker than                                     I could have imagined. It is also happier than I hoped (thank you Steve)

It's not about wealth and cars and houses, It is about love  and sharing the good things in your life.
Using the gifts you have been given and acquiring peace and not stuff.  

Fill your home with pleasant riches, but first fill it with the thing that lasts forever: Love.

Thanks for stopping by and if you do needlework, try TAST!!

Ginny M


Anonymous said…
I love your thoughts on your needlework and your faith. Very well stated! Thank you.
Thank you for this post Ginny - I needed it. Life has had a few bumps recently.
Those threads are incredibly long.... I assume you shortened them when you carded them ready to use. Love the humming bird design, and I am looking forward to seeing it stitched up

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