The Wrap

Boy is it hot here in San Antonio!!  So glad for  AC! On Saturday we went to the Legendary North Star Mall.  it was a great mall, However we really aren't mall people, we went to walk in the AC. But that wasn't possible with all the shoppers! We enjoyed a couple hours there and then headed home.

My Sweet Husband:

I really wanted to wade into this beautiful pool: 

I promised a finish photo of my wrap:

Here it is!  I like it but I think I will taper down the sleeves a little bit.

I hope you are having a nice weekend, Here in the US it is a 3 day treat, celebrating our independence day!  Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


What a lovely looking mall - I don't really 'do' malls either :-) Not that there are any in our town, but when i do get to one I'm glad to leave. Love your top, Ginny - well done.
Crystal Komara said…
Ginny, your wrap/jacket came out great - for only $2 bucks and some work! Well done! You're looking quite trim too! Hugs, Crystal

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