Word Art Wednesday #240-241 making dreams come true

I knew it would happen, I would wake up and want to make cards again!  I woke up today in the midst of a Benadryl fog and thought, I need to make some cards!  I love the blog Word Art Wednesday and it's mission, so that was the first place I went;  This weeks verse is

You can use this for your card making:

It will be in tomorrows mail.

I also made a card with a calendar page from Mary Englembrite's desk  calendar from 2015
Yes, that is okay to do, Mary encourages people to craft with her things - just don't resell them.

This card I thought had a very profound sentiment:

 When I read that last year It made me chuckle, like yeah right!  
But then not too long ago I realized I was having some issues with having to many irons in the fire and not enjoying anything and getting grumpy. I'm sharing this because I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one in that boat.  I have a lot of interests and I have a lot of energy.  But I am not 25 anymore and I realized this year I really needed to get a grip on my activity level.  Almost everything I was doing was outgoing and helping others accomplish their vision.  I realized I needed to slow down and  work on some of my dreams coming true. I've raised my kids, worked my whole life both in a job and in the  chruch.  For right now there is nothing wrong with me sitting down enjoying a book or needlepoint or a swim. For a season someone else can teach Sunday school, I've put in 35 years.  for those of you in active churches, I am sure you understand exactly what I am talking about. 
The bible says :
( and you can use this  for your crafting if you would like)

I'm in  a new season

and I am going to accept it as a gift!
 So I really do feel like that cute gal in the picture!
I'd probably have a basket of needlework and my bible and a new cookbook on my lap- 
I did say slow down and enjoy the blessings the Lord has given me  - 
not stall!!

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday,
Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.
Ginny M 


Shelly Schmidt said…
How I love seeing your cards- the first is fab, but I have to say, the second is awesome- love the sentiment (where is it from???). I am so there! I have cut back on all DT's and just quit my job....for my health. I enjoy your embroidery, but just LOVE your cards! God Bless!
Ginny this is a wonderful post - been there done that and at the moment my task is to care for DH, and I have only one other (church) commitment at the moment. Enjoy this season
Hi Ginny, I like the new look, a simple, but nice update. I hope you are well. Always thinking of you! Crystal

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