Good Ideas don't always Stitch out

I had this great idea and I spent 25 minutes in a hot room trying to work it and it was a craft fail.  You might wonder why I am taking up blog space to relate this to you?  Because you have to try things and just because it doesn't work out the way you hope doesn't mean it is a fail.  It just means try it a different way.  My goal is to create a really beautiful 3D Butterfly to go on my Yellow round robin.

My idea was to use my singer to couch down gold and then embroider in the details of a butterfly.  what I ended up with an opportunity to try something different to achieve my goal.

finding the right or semi-right foot

you never want to see this!
the spool picked up the thread from the cone holder

Got the machine couching down

After:  Nope not going to work, wrong fabric, wrong gold braid

Back to the drawing board!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Great idea, Ginny. May I suggest maybe a fine closely woven linen base, (if you want an embroidery fabric) or any fabric suitable for surface stitching, but with a bit of 'body' to hold the butterfly shape. The basic machine couching looks as though it 'worked' o.k., but being on aida cloth would have made a fairly 'rough' surface for the machine to stitch on.
Ginny Maxam said…
Hi Maxine, you are totally right the Adida cloth did not work and the gold rope was too heavy! I am more comfortable using linen as a ground cloth. I am redoing this by hand using another piece of adida and while the stitching is going well, I still don't like the adida. I will save it for cross stitch in the future. I took notes on your advice! Thank you!!

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