Move over Scarlett

I made a jacket yesterday.  Jacket sounds to complicated , I made a thing to wear over tee shirts.  I used a table cloth.  I purchased this tablecloth at a local goodwill, It was brand new and in the package, I loved the fabric. it was $2.00. When  I saw it and thought Jacket over a tee shirt with jean skirt.

I got the pattern out

Looked at the directions -need I say I got that same slightly sick  feeling I used to get in 8th grade homec class

Cleared off the table

Put the cutting board down that I just bought at an estate sale last week ($2.00)

Cut the pattern apart and looked at the directions

Started laying it out and realized according to the pattern I don't have enough fabric.

Huh?  I'm sorry I may look like a barrel but I am not that big!!

So I decided to do this Ginny Style

Got out a plate

Ruler and Chalk

Measured and Cut

Took it to my surger;

and I will Show you the finished jacket next post!!

Have a great Weekend and Happy of July USA!! 
Ginny M


Love your style of pattern making and wonderful creativity!!
Nikki said…
Just saw a FB post of a purse someone made from a Goodwill you have a jacket from a tablecloth. I am going to look at my clothes and stuff in a whole new light! Thanks for the inspiration!

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