Chocolate chip cookies- a little healthier recipe

Chocolate chip cookies- a little healthier recipe - I think that is an oxymoron.  Steve and I still like  a snack at the end of our day, once in a while we have a bit of a sweet craving.  I always have homemade bread and jam in the house, sometimes popcorn, but sometimes we want chocolate!  For those occasions, I made this chocolate chip cookie recipe.   One or two of these cookies feels like a meal, so you won't overeat them!

2 cups white flour*
2 cups old rolled oats fashioned oats*
1tsp baking soda

Mix and set aside

In a mixer bowl- I use a stand mixer, but a hand one will work just fine

1/2 cup Smart balance (butter substitute- use butter if you can)
this is 1/2 the amount of a "normal" recipe
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup sugar
this is 1/3 the amount of a "normal" recipe
          1/2 cup date pieces*
3 large eggs
2 cups choco or carob chips
1cup chopped nuts
2tsp vanilla

you can also add raisins or cranberries - I like these in my cookies, but Steve is not a fan of them in the choco chip cookies.

Mix the wet ingredients, add the dry to the bowl
Bake at 375 until golden brown
about 4 dozen cookies.

These cookies freeze well, I keep ours in the freezer and just take them out one at a time.  These were big favorites when I had kids at home.

I purchase a lot of my pantry staples from Amazon, I have no affiliation and I am not receiving any products.  I have been using all of these products for at least 5 years.  Once I received a 25lb bag of flour that was about to expire, I requested a return and instead I was sent a new bag of flour within a few days.

I hope you try these they are really great!
Thanks for stopping by
Ginny M


Ohh - yummy - I will pass this on to my daughter as the low sugar will be good for one of her family who has fructose intolerance, and she can substitute with gluten free flour too.

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