Crazy Quilt Class

I am starting an online crazy quilt for beginners this week.  I am very excited about doing this, the last needle class I took while it was a pain at the time, I am still reaping the benefits 8 years later.  I really need the instruction in ribbon embroidery and confidence building with seam treatments.

Out here in Texas I have no needle working friends, I have no one to sit and learn with, therefore I have no one to apply the pressure to learn more.  So taking a class seems perfect.  Not only all that educational crafty goodness happening in this class, it's free!  Kathy has a wonderful blog and online shop  Two books published and one on the way.

I thought it would be fun to share my progress here.  Really I cringe at seam treatments, and that is half of crazy quilting!!

At the onset of the class, a complete list of supplies is given , you photo and upload to a special class site blog.   Kathy checks your work, critique and gives you any help you need.  You do work at your own pace, one lesson at a time.

Task #1  Gathering supplies

Wrapped hoop and foundation fabric

Neutral fabric selections

Stitching supplies

Neutrals especially a whole pallet of them is not my thing, but when you are learning something, you really need to be able to see what you are doing, so that makes perfect sense!!

Next Task is Saturday!!

Thanks for stopping by,  tomorrow I will have a super bread recipe for you, I need to bake it and photo today!
Have a great day!
Ginny M


This looks as though it's going to be a challenge, and a lot of work and fun learning new techniques Ginny. Enjoy yourself

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