Crazy Quilt class, task # 4 assembling the block for stitching

The next task # 3 was a lesson on balance and composition , color and shapes, task #4 required the block to be assembled using the information from the 3rd lesson ( task).   This was easy for me because I am a quilter and I have done a lot of crazy work.  I am not a fan of puzzles and this is a lot like assembling a puzzle.  This exercise is very good for me in that I have to follow directions - I am not so good at that.    If I hadn't been sewing for a while I can see where I would have stalled during the assembly.

 The pattern is traced onto the foundation muslin:

paper pieces are cut out 

Pinned to fabric and cut out

Stitched down and hooped, ready for the embroidery tasks

Not my normal color palette, but by using neutrals, I can focus on the quality of my stitching.
I highly encourage you to try this class, it is always good to be in learning mode! you can go to Kathy's' blog for more info!

Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M 


Lesley UK said…
Good luck Ginny. I don't think I'd be disciplined enough to do this class, but I'm looking forward to seeing how you, Alice and Wanda get on with it. If I've missed anyone else from CQ4Newbies, then blame it a 'senior moment'..or maybe more than one!
Well done on what looks to my eye to be a great starting place for the next steps. I love looking a finished crazy quilts, but that's as far as I go!!

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