I made this card for a dear friend, the sentiment hit the right chord and I thought the images looked her parents! I am thankfully completely out of the business aspect of crafting and card making. Without all that pressure I am feeling like I can be creative again. Being a professional crafter on any level is more work than you can imagine. I know there are a bunch of you here that know what I mean. I am afraid I got so wrapped up in the "craft world:" I lost t the purpose of it in my life, which is why I think I lost the anointing!

I've  been working in my craft room to get it to the place where I can be comfortable and be able to do all the things I want to.  With downsizing the business side of card making I now have a lot more room,  Room enough to do my work and hobby sewing, embroidery and crazy quilting.  It is a big order for a 12x12 room!

Thoreau said to go confidently, and that can be difficult.  Before you can go, you have to believe in your dreams.  Believing gives us the energy and drive to go, to continue.  I have always believed that it is the Lord that plants the seeds of the dreams in our heart, he gives us the gifts and the talents and he waters them.  They are a part of His purpose for our lives.  I always want to be sensitive to taking direction and then acting on it.  I always want what I do to be a blessing and a testimony of His great love.

My friend Karen Murray digitized this beautiful verse:  Please feel free to use it for your card making.
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Thanks for stopping by and have the courage to follow your dreams!
Ginny M


Oh Ginny - I am glad you have found your peace, and also your desire to continue cardmaking as well as indulging in your others areas of creativity.

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