A thank you from Gerard, K &Co paper and Graciellie sunflowers

Gerard is my father in laws', 25 lb 18-year-old cat.  We inherited him. He has been with my father in law
about 10-11 years.  He and Richard got along quite well, they were pretty inseparable.  Gerards' favorite trick was eating, as you can see he was really good at it: this picture has not been altered in any way.

One of the first things we have done with  Gerard (who is now Steve's shadow) has been cutting back on his food and his treats. He has actually lost weight. 

Yesterday we received a sympathy card for Gerard and not only did he get a card, the kind soul also gave him a bag of cat treats. How did she know?  So tonight I made a thank you from Gerard.  This is a first for me, but I thought anyone that would go to the trouble of buying a cat a bag of treats and writing out a card, a thank you is the least I can do!!

I started with this pad of yummy paper

I am a big fan of K&Company papers, they are so rich in color!  I normally won't make a card base from paper this light, but I knew what I wanted to do and it would work. and this is from a cat!

Beautiful sheets:

Here is the one I was looking for:

For stamps, this Digi Set from Graciellie Designs: 

"Bee Kind"

Picking the colors: using alcohol markers you can get a lot of shade and tone variation with just a few colors.

Here's a little trick, When I fussy cut I often cut through some of the pieces ,   this make it much easier to fussy cut

For my Bee, I traced the wings onto vellum, cut them out, glued them on the bee and the glittered the wings.

Here is the base, front and back:

My "canvas: area for the card

Inside; isn't this charming?  Just the right amount of space for my thank you note.

For my sentiment, I grabbed a label and folded in half and edges in black before stamping the sentiment

And Here it is the finished card:

Thank you, Shari, your kindness to our family is very appreciated!
Thank you for stopping by,
Ginny and Gerard and Yes I do have his permission to post his picture!


Oh Ginny what a fabulous card, and Gerard looks like a wonderful cat!!
That is so nice and considerate! Loving all the dimension on your card!
Crystal Komara said…
Hahaha! What a funny story! Gerard is certainly a big boy and it was too sweet that someone sent him treats!
Carol said…
What a gorgeous card - inside and out! Gerard is a handsome boy and a lucky kitty to be able to stay in his home with his new peeps that will love him forever. Thank you for sharing. I'm always inspired by your beautiful cards. {=*.*=}
Unknown said…
Your card is really lovely Ginny! You are so talented!

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