Simple Lace Flower Technique and Paper Temptress

                       Today's blog hop is full of wonderful inspiration, technique and  really super prizes! $40 dollars in prizes!  Just stop at each blog and make a comment - the winner will be on Graciellie's blog spot!
First from Paper temptress: 

Second from the Graciellie Design Team:

Ginny Maxam you are here

Today I want to show you a super simple way to make an elegant card!
I'm using the Beautiful Lace Flowers set from Graciellie Designs !

This is so simple all you need is a few simple tools,  Really Good Paper and maybe a little nail polish if you want to add some bling - I did!

One of my favorite papers and one I used for this card is  #120 Heavenly White paper from Paper Temptress, it is so beautiful with a slight pearl finish! 

I printed my images Neenah Solar White# 80 also from Paper Temptress and  fussy cut

I added gold with a paint pen.  For this card I just looked around for a few simple things and a gold paint pen was sitting on my desk!

I don't do my nails, I never have, these are working hands and I keep my nails short - I do however like a little sparkly bling on my cards!  Nail polish is fast and easy to use, comes in it's own gloss medium and I can throw it in the grocery store cart!

and the finished card:

This card was made with one piece of paper and a few simple supplies.
Don't you just love art?  It is your world and your statement, no right or wrong!

                                                   I'm blessed to have you reading my blog!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M 


This is an impressive card. Love the nail polish idea and the stamp set is now on my wish list!
Gayatri said…
wow! gorgeous card with simplest things. Love it!
Dee Earnshaw said…
Such a pretty card and love how you made it using nail polish!!!! - thanks for the idea, I will def give this a try:)
McStamper said…
Beautiful card. Thanks for your great idea.
Mel said…
Wow, so gorgeous and so creative! Melanie PTDT
Unknown said…
You are always so creative Ginny! Nail polish!
Tan said…
Never would have thought of it, such a splendid idea. Beautiful card.
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
I love how you make even the "simple" art look beautiful. Always love your blog and cards
Shelley said…
So glad I hopped along and found you. Love this technique and your card!
this is sooooo using every day home items to design with...PaperTemptress's cardstock is PERFECT for clean and simple made me proud :)
Chrissy said…
You are just so talented, I love your work
Unknown said…
So Creative! I would love to copy your craft, if only to see the look on my husband's face when he saw me buying fingernail polish! (Never in the 30 years he's known me, ha ha!) Such a lovely card with beautiful lights.
María Pilar said…
Great card, Ginny. I love your cards and your tutorials
You've done such an amazing job with Gracie's images and Paper Temptress papers. You always amaze me, and I'm SO grateful for your wonderful art.
Karen Letchworth
Brandi R said…
This is awesome! Gorgeous and very creative ♥
Denise Bryant said…
Love these pretty flowers and your fun nail polish! Great idea!
Richa Maurya said…
Wowsome.the bling due to nail polish..great idea..
Helen Gullett said…
WOw! That is one great and creative technique dressing up your flower. Gorgeous amd sparkly!
Heather said…
Gorgeous!! I love the nail polish idea! I have so many and some are so sparkly and pretty!
Lavender said…
Absolutely gorgeous!
Caitiumom said…
I love your nail polish idea.
M.J. Rutledge said…
Thank you for this tutorial! Never would have thought to do this.

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