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Steve and I had the day off together.  It was a time of reflecting and rest.  The last two weeks with my wonderful father law may have been the hardest two weeks in our lives, home for hospice, his passing, the calling hours and then the burial.  We had the privilege of being all together, his four sons, their wives, and a flock of grandchildren, friends coming and going.  Richard passed in his favorite place in the world, his living room surrounded by those he loved most - his family.
Thank you, Dad, for the lifelong legacy of love.

Because we were tired and in need of fresh air and wide open space, we drove through the beautiful surrounding farmlands and orchards here in Central New York.  We stopped at a Mennonite store for gourmet popcorn and we came across a wonderful second-hand bookstore called the Berry Hill Book Shop.  The shop was in an antique barn, perfectly organized and clean with a great number of books, three floors worth!
Before the fire I had a large collection of first editions  and antique books, they were just wonderful, I have in the last 6 months had a desire to start searching for more and rebuild my library.  I Love to read and use my readings in teaching.  For the next month, I will have a lot of time to read and study. 
I want to make good use of that time.

I picked out two devotionals

'Help by the way'  was so pretty and in great condition, I can only hope it is as good a read as it is pretty!  The second book is a devotional by C.S.Lewis, if you are a fan of his like I am you know when Mr. Lewis writes for adults, you need to take a smart pill  10 minutes before you pick the book up.  I don't agree with much of his theology (maybe most) but I Love the insight he has into the ways of God, to me he is unparalleled. 
I also purchased and antique Bible reader and a complete Wesleyan commentary.
And yes I will read that, I hope and pray to find some good meat in it.  Historically I am a big fan of John Wesly and the Methodist movement he created, many of my Pentecostal roots were in his plantings.

These treasures came up to $23.00!  They are clean and odor free!  I had to say thank you, Lord!
I thought I would share my day's adventure with you  - I do,  do things other than cook and make cards!

I  a conversation with one of my kids this weekend, I said always look for the Eternal Value in the things of your life.  Our lives are but a vapor here, but everything we say and do can have an eternal value.  Turn off the TV there is no eternal in it, pick up your pen and write, you might bring the gospel to someone, read and enrich your soul, the soul that will someday dwell in Heaven or Hell (let's pray heaven).  Give your heart, your time, your talent to the things of the Eternal one.

Here is a Rose of Sharon freebie and bible verse for you to play with! Make a card , make a blessing

Here is my card printable

Thanks for stopping by,
Ginny M


Tracy said…
My sincerest sympathies, to you & your family, Ginny.
We are thankful, when our loved ones enter eternal paradise; However,
We still are entitled to grieve, because they will be greatly missed. (((Hugs)))
ahhh dear sweet sis, a heartfelt post... loving you and Steve as brethren in the LORD and praying for you, thanks so much for the freebie too!
.... Ive just read (on lat five pages0 of a double biography by John Pollock. John Pollock is one of the best biographers around if you can find them, I have few, this one was lent from sister in LORD and it is called "Wesley the Preacher" and "Newton the Liberator". a thick h=juicy book but oh so devourable and so enlightening, too!!
....of the times prior to the enlightenment .. so sad how much darkness there was back then.. and even is now..
Thanks for being a blessing dear sis and so glad with your finds!
Shaz in Oz.x

{Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}
Marilyn Mathis said…
So sorry about the loss of your father-in-law. You do need some time to rest and relax. Love to visit old book stores. You can really find treasures there. Hugs.
Ginny Maxam said…
Hi Shaz! I have read that book!! and I agree John Pollack is a wonderful writer, his book "language and thought is also an excellent read!
What treasures you found!! Wonderful deep reading. I am so busy at the moment I am barely reading even light Christian literature, but this too will pass.
Take time to grieve and recover, you will need to. Thank you so much for the freebies Ginny

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